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Jeszcze nie...

Zbiórka zakończona

Jeszcze nie...

170 067,65 zł ( 100.03% )
Wsparło 3800 osób

Terapia immunologiczna w Niemczech

Fundraising organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Więcbork, kujawsko-pomorskie
Guz mózgu Ependymoma anaplasticum G-III
Starts at: 24 March 2015
Ends at: 22 May 2015


[*] 4 lipca Tomek odszedł jak bohater. W otoczeniu najbliższych z uśmiechem na ustach zamknął oczy po raz ostatni. Miało być inaczej. Łączymy się w smutku z rodziną i wszystkimi, którzy walczyli z nim do końca. Możemy mieć tylko nadzieję, że czując nasze wsparcie Tomek nie jest samotny. Jak długo pozostanie w naszych sercach, tak długo będzie blisko nas...


The evening before the third tumor resection surgery already. Helpless sobs your own child drowning plunged into the dark silence. View the most painful crying baby when you're right nextdoor and you can not do anything at all. Relieve pain, mixed with great fear. The only thing you can do is hug, like when he was a baby and just be close.

Strong, recurring headaches, rather associated with a cold, did not indicate the hell that broke loose in the life of the 17­year­old Tom after the CT scan. One day, severe headache did not allow for an independent return from school. "Mom, come, because I do not give advice to come back." Referral to hospital for neurology. Several studies, nothing alarming. On CT had to wait in the house next two weeks. Never received. When Tom began to stagger week on his feet, eyelids began to fall, and the words were not going into a coherent whole, at an accelerated pace we got to the hospital. Waiting for test results to be beheaded, while stubbornly believing in a miracle. Not this time ­ in your mind your son is a "fist bump". Anaplastic ependymoma malignant tumor ­ a tumor. Great good fortune was that the tumor set its sights on a place that it could be cut. There are no words that can be described fear that mixed with horror, not allowed to act logically. In my mind supplication to the cancer does not receive us our son. Optimism, albeit slightly subdued, Tom gave strength to continue fighting. "I have not dying. Not me "­ has always said.


In April 2010, was the first operation to remove the tumor, which is lurking in your head Tom. Negotiation, the word that immediately after the operation gives horror and at the end, feel the breath of death. Fortunately, they were successful. At least then they were all convinced of this. Tom's body fought, and with it a whole team of doctors from nieobliczanym cancer. We have a 70% chance. Weather treatment is good. Happiness does not last long. After 6 months, the results were merciless resonance. The tumor grows. Another tumor resection operation located in the worst possible location. Right next to the brain. One wrong move, and Tom could lose their lives. And this time, the second time with the help of doctors Tom outsmarted cancer.

With increasing hope Tom entered the age of majority, to give a second life. Win with cancer. Comparable to the miracle of chance at life. The phenomenon lasted even three years. May 2014, the result of resonance, which can not be fooled. Wake from sleep tumor gave the blind hope of normalcy. The evening before the last ­ the third already ­ tumor resection surgery. Helpless sobs own child drowning plunged into the dark silence. View the most painful crying baby when you're right next door and you can not do anything at all. Ease the pain mixed with great fear. The only thing you can do is hug as when he was a baby and just be close.

The last operation almost ended in loss of life. Paresis, general infection in the body and concealed deep pain in his eyes. Suffering with hope in us, the parents. In November, Tom began Cyber Knife radiation. Effects have to wait three months. Results were obtained in January. Cancer is stronger than that used radiotherapy. 3 bonfires are lit and are still active In Poland, doctors suggest another operation attempts to cut out one outbreak and chemistry, to which the tumor completely immunized. In this way, doctors can make only partial resection of the tumor, but only the removal of the tumor gives Tom a chance to return to health.


"After consulting with the doctors could not come back and say: This is the end. Nothing more can not be done" ­ recalls the mother. We started to look for help outside of our country. Previously used the opportunity to start radiotherapy excluded proton therapy in Paris. Did not give up. Hope found in a clinic in Koln in our western neighbors. Immune therapy, giving one last chance to win the insidious and unpredictable tumor cells. Previously used methods of treatment (except operating tumor excision), or chemotherapy and radiotherapy were like the atomic bomb unleashed drained directly into hell in the body of Tom, hoping to destroy those cells that fooled the immune system boyfriend. Unfortunately, destroyed the already very much, and the tumor still has a chance to grow. Family was "smarter" a form of therapy that, if the body will react accordingly, will attack only cancer cells, without giving them a chance to further development. This is a great opportunity for Tom, unfortunately, even more costs.

To start the treatment, we need to pay for half the amount of the clinic account. Tom already April 6 will be able to begin treatment. In addition to the cancer that took root in his mind, with gratitude to the loved ones who were always with him, has high hopes for the kindness of the people who do not let that cancer took him everything ...

UPDATE 04.08.2015 r .:
April 7 Tom began treatment in a German clinic. Has a chance to win this war. Persevere in the help. The therapy lasts for 8 weeks. Until then, we need to pay the remaining amount. Let's show the power of our hearts.

170 067,65 zł ( 100.03% )
Wsparło 3800 osób

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