Galapagos Czelendż, czyli jak Jeż odkrywa Amerykę

Michał Jeżewski
organizator skarbonki

Galapagos Islands, May the 11th 2015

 I hereby confirm that Mr Michal Jezewski is the first athlete confirmed for running the Galapagos Challenge 2015.   He will complete a Middle Distance Triathlon (1.9 Kms Swimming; 84 Kms Cycling and 21Kms running) in October the 9th, followed by a full Marathon (42 Kms running) on October the 10th this year in Santa Cruz Island of the Galapagos Archipelago.

 Because of its characteristics, the Galapagos Challenge is one of the toughest races of its kind, taking place at one of planet earths most beautiful natural wonders.

 Kind regards

 Fernando Ortiz

Here is an e-mail I’v  got from Fernado. I could choose my challange distance from sprint triahlon + 10k run up to Half Iron Man + Marathon. But.. I’m Polish.. so I took full option.

But after I paid entry fee, airplane tickets etc I had an idea – lest do something good with that.

My friend is working for Synapsis. Its a foundation helping kids with Autism. Working with them and – which is most important, helping with early diagnose.

So – here is the plan. I’m sweting trying to survive on triathlon which is part of American Cup and you peaople donating money for Synapsis.

And because nothing is for free – here are benefits:

-          For every 20PLN (5EUR, 5USD) I’m saying hi on movie from Galapagos

-          12USD, EUR, 50 PLN – for this money I’ll put name of you, your girlfrend, boyfriend, cat.. on my skin or t-shirt during race

-          25 EUR or $ - I’m sending hand made post card from Galapagos

-          For 150 $/EUR – ecuadorian survival set: coffe, cacao, pair of pants and small weed pipe.

And now.. here is.. if I’ll reach 2500PLN level I’ll dye my mustache PINK. And if I’ll reach  6000PLN.. I’ll shave myself. Please note that I’m “wearing” bigger or smaller beard sonce 10 Years. My son never saw me “naked”.  So – lets do it.


20 zł

Ola C.

27 zł


X zł

Mama i Tato

Trzymamy kciuki!!!! A Kora rezygnuje z fotki na Twojej koszulce!!
100 zł


Do boju Jeżuś Maria... Powodzenia.
33,33 zł


50 zł

Gosia M.

Powodzenia! :)

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