Without treatment of the brain tumor I will not survive and my daughter will be brought up without mother.

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fund- raising: proton treatment of brain tumor in Cyclotron Centre Bronowice in Cracow

Joanna Kunath, 38 years

Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie

Nowotwór mózgu zwojoglejak

Started: 30 January 2019
Ends: 10 February 2019

I have little time - on 11th February doctors want to start my treatment to save my life, which is the most value not only for me. I have a little daughter, who needs mum the most, to take care of her and to be with her. I'm fighting with the worst kind of brain tumor - glioma. My child is looking at this fight and believes that I will be stronger and protect her from everything bad. There is a chance that my treatment will help me for the next 20 years. That is the amount of time I need to raise my child.

Joanna KunathA year ago I finished the treatment and I was full of hope that nothing worse could happen to me. I won a battle with Lyme disease (borreliosis). I lost all of my savings and long months of my life. This disease ruined me both physically and mentally. It made impossible for me to feel happy in my life. Slowly I started to forget about it when I was diagnosed with even worse thing, in one of the worst places in brain. That moment I had no idea that it was glioma. My doctor had comforted me that it is not dangerous to health and I  lived with no consciousness of how wrong the diagnosis was. This medical error led me to the tragic situation I have been in.

Now the doctors want me to choose between ordinary radiotherapy , which will certainly destroy my brain and my body and proton therapy. The protons therapy gives me the chance to destroy the tumor and prolong my life for about 20 years. That is enough for me to raise my daughter and remain in her memory forever. Today, the 20 years I may life is my biggest dream.

The therapy is very expensive and the time is passing very quickly. The tumor is constantly growing and pressing the optic nerve. If I don't begin the therapy I will start losing my eyesight.

Joanna Kunath

Without your help my daughter will lose her joyful and safe childhood. I can't even think that this could happen to her. I believe that there are good people and the limit of my bad luck has finished.  My child understands reality very well and losing her mother will be traumatic experience that change her whole life. I'm asking for help not only for me but also for her...

It is very difficult for me to ask, ever more difficult to tell about my disease but today I need to stand in front of You with all of pain and fear and this uncertain about tomorrow... Please, help to save me and my daughter's childhood, and never let her to know how it is to be without mum...

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 1 389 people
111 216 zł (100,73%)