Without surgery Julek will die! Let's save his life!

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Heart surgery in USA

Julian Świdurski, 2 years

Sanok, podkarpackie

Aortic atresia, VSD - intraventricular defect

Started: 02 January 2019
Ends: 08 June 2019

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Julek's doctors made an incorrect diagnosis which led to surgery that should never have taken place. The result is that only half of Julek's heart is working. Our child is dying. We found only one doctor in the world, Dr. Hanley from Stanford Clinic, who is willing to take on restoration of our child's destroyed health.

We are desperate--He cannot live much longer with his barely functioning heart. The sooner the operation can take place, the better will Julek's outcome. But there is another problem: The surgery is enormously expensive. Two years of fighting for his life have passed. This surgery is his last and only chance and hope for life.

Julian Świdurski

The world can seem to end in just a few seconds, with the words from a doctor about your own child. Unexpected tragedy can come at any moment, just like ours. When Julek was born, he was diagnosed with valve atresia and transported to the hospital in Warsaw. There, it was found that the diagnosis is different, that Julek suffers from HLHS - hypoplasia of the left heart. A mistake was made, but how could we know; we trusted the doctors and their report. The whole treatment was planned around the diagnosis of HLHS. If only we knew then how great of a mistake was made.

On the twelfth day of his life Julek underwent the first heart operation, intended to repair a single-chamber heart. The left the chamber was "disconnected" and the right was the system chamber. We did not know it was a mistake and that the surgery would not help. Indeed, it almost killed our child. Soon after, Julek's condition deteriorated rapidly. He could not breathe; he was suffocating, turning blue before our eyes.

While in the ICU, his right chamber was beginning to fail. This led to failure of his other organs. Despite their desperate efforts, the doctors doubted that anything else could be done...

Julian Świdurski

For 5 months, Julek required artificial respiration. Tubes and wires were practically everywhere, all leading to the machines that allowed our little son to live at all. One of us was always there; the sound of the EKG pulsed in our brains, determining the rhythm of each day. Another operation was performed. After that, we started consulting with other doctors who specialize in such defects.

After private consultation, it turned out that Julek did NOT have HLHS. He has a completely different defect, and had the doctors performed the surgery for his actual condition, he would have been a healthy boy today.

The operations have nearly destroyed our child's heart. His left chamber does not pump blood, and his whole body is extremely weak. Although Julek is two years old, his weight and appearance are that of a few-month-old child.

No doctors in Poland or Europe would attempt to fix the previous surgical error because no one has ever done anything like that before. Our child has been qualified for a heart transplant. Unfortunately, transplantations for young children are years in the waiting.

Julian Świdurski

We sent Julek's medical records to Professor Hanley of to the Stanford Clinic, which deals with extremely complicated heart defects. It was a miracle! Fulfillment of our dreams! Professor Hanley is willing to take on the challenge of renewing Julek's heart. Unfortunately, the operation costs a huge amount of money.

How much time do we have? We do not know! It's hard to say how long his heart will last. Every day we see his blue lips and fingers due to hypoxia. If there is no surgery, we will watch Julek's life fade away until his heart finally stops beating.

We did not give up at critical moments, nor will we give up now. If Julek's heart stops, our hearts will be shattered. We are asking you for help; because that is the only way we can save our child - our whole world.



We have new information from the Stanford Clinic! If we can raise the first 350,000 dollars,  Dr. Hanley will set a date to begin preparing for surgery!

We still have a lot left to raise toward this amount. Time is running out--Julek's condition worsens. It is very important that the surgery is done as soon as possible; we do not know how much his heart can endure...

Please, help us save our son!

–Julek's parents

Julian Świdurski

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 39 292 people
1 776 250 zł (100,38%)

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