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We save Julia's heart!

Julia Kierzkowska
Fundraiser finished

We save Julia's heart!

Fundraiser goal:

Heart surgery

Entity submitting the fundraiser: Fundacja Espero - Nadzieja dla Dzieci
Julia Kierzkowska, 2 years old
Jedwabne, podlaskie
Critical heart defect - an unbalanced defect in the AV septum, small left ventricular cavity, aortic coarctation, and ASD II septal defect.
Starts on: 27 July 2021
Ends on: 21 November 2021

Fundraiser result


17 lutego Julka przeszła operację serca w szpitalu w Bostonie! Wszystko poszło zgodnie z planem! Obecnie Julcia nabiera sił i dochodzi do siebie, by niedługo wrócić do domu! 

Julia Kierzkowska

Julia Kierzkowska

Dziękujemy Wam z całego serca! Dzięki Wam zdążyliśmy z ratunkiem na czas. Dzięki Wam serduszko Julki bije!

Fundraiser description

The moment you hear your unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time is magical, beautiful, special. I waited so much for this moment, but instead I got a nervous silence ... After a while, I heard from the doctor that my daughter would be born with a serious heart defect! I was desperate, confused, but also full of faith that I would be able to save her. Today we are doing everything to make it happen, that's why we are here and we ask for help with all our hearts...

Julia was born on March 10, 2020 with a congenital critical heart defect - an unbalanced defect in the AV septum, small left ventricular cavity, aortic coarctation, and ASD II septal defect. This long list sounded like a sentence on a little baby...

Julia Kierzkowska

Julia's first year of life was filled with suffering and fear. The little girl underwent 3 life-saving surgeries - aortic coarctation surgery and banding on the pulmonary trunk; Glenn's two-way anastomosis, pulmonary trunk cutting from the heart and plasty of the right pulmonary artery; the junction of the right ventricle with the ascending aorta and aortic arch). She spent a total of 4 months in the hospital - among the sounds of life-saving machines, entangled in cables, away from home ...

In addition to long postoperative stays in the ICU, she struggled three times with life-threatening thrombosis. She was so weak that for six months she only got food through a probe. Talking about it and remembering these pictures, tears still run down our cheeks ... Julia is feeling better now, but the deterioration in the performance of her single-chambered heart is just a matter of time. So far, doctors have been saying that Julia's heart defect cannot be corrected. We lived under the conviction that Julia would never be able to fully enjoy her life as her healthy peers do. And now our first miracle has happened ...

Julia Kierzkowska

Doctors from centers abroad see an opportunity to recreate Julia's two-chamber heart! We sent documentation to three hospitals in Europe and three in the United States. We are currently waiting for the details of qualifications for surgery.

This news is beautiful! It is so beautiful that it seems unreal and deep down we are afraid to believe it! But we want to fight for a chance for our daughter. We dream that after the next operation Julia could finally start living and have the strength to play, learn, develop and please us with her beautiful smile every day.

Unfortunately, in addition to the good news, there is also worse one - Julia's operation will be very expensive , it may range from several hundred thousand zlotys to several million zlotys. Therefore, we are asking you now, help us pay for the health and life of our daughter. Help save the beating of a little heart ...

Julia's parents

Julia Kierzkowska


Julia is qualified for surgery in Boston's Childrens Hospital. The bad news is a cost. 2.5 mln zl (around 700 000$). We do not have that amount. We are begging for help. Surgery may take place first part of 2022 but money needs to be collected by the end of 2021.

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