So that the stroke was not the end, but only an obstacle in your life path

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One-year intensive rehabilitation

Karol Kasperkiewicz, 68 years


Post-stroke status, history of coronavirus, respiratory failure

Started: 28 January 2021
Ends: 04 March 2021

Karol, after a very severe course of COVID-19, after 22 days of mechanical ventilation, after suffering a stroke during illness, won his fight for life. However, he suffers from numerous complications after this terrible disease - he does not speak, he is nourished by gastrostomy, he does not walk and still does not breathe on his own (he still requires oxygen therapy through a tracheostomy). He continues to fight bravely for getting his health and life back, for a return to his relatives and friends. Let’s help him, please, in this fight.

When Karol had the first symptoms of infection with the SarsCov2 virus, no one expected how dramatic his fight with illness would be. We hoped that a severe form would not develop and that after a few days Karol would be healthy. Unfortunately ... There was respiratory failure and the need for hospitalization. In the hospital, his health once improved and once worsened, but we all still believed that everything would end well. Meanwhile, the black scenario proved to be true. The need to connect to a ventilator tubing and, in fact, the struggle for every day of life. Karol won this fight, but a number of complications during these critical moments caused that Karol is currently unable to take steps that would allow him to return to health and that is why we do it on his behalf.

Karol needs 24-hour nursing and medical care. He is staying at ZOL ORPEA Antonina in Piaseczno - a center that gives hope for the best neurological, systemic, neurological and pulmonary care and rehabilitation. Financial support is needed to allow for a long and intensive rehabilitation, giving a chance to return to relative normality. We ask everyone for help for Karol, who is called by his family Freeman). Karol is indeed a free spirit, but also a great mind (mathematician, chess player, bridge player) and, above all, a good, warm person whom we love. Let us do our best to help him free himself from the limitations that his body currently places on him. Every penny paid will be valuable, because the needs are huge.



Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 376 people
67,782.83 zł (139.91%)