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Roczna intensywna rehabilitacja, sprzęt rehabilitacyjny, pobyt w ośrodku

Krystyna Marcinkowska, 33 years

Stępin - Oleśnica

Udar niedokrwienny mózgu

Started: 03 July 2020
Ends: 28 March 2021

This story is so unbelievable that you can't talk about anything but a miracle. This is the story of my wife and daughter and a miracle of their life. Krysia is still fighting; we have a long and difficult path ahead of us. However, I believe that it will be better now, so with all my heart I am asking you for help. Discover our tragedy...

Krysia is the love of my life, the most loyal friend and the most caring mother I know. She celebrated her birthday on January 13. That day, she felt very bad from the morning. She complained of headache and nausea. Only a week earlier it turned out that we would have a second child! We were so happy. At the time we thought that discomfort was a symptom of pregnancy.

Krystyna Marcinkowska

Krysia, however, felt worse and worse. After a few days we went to the hospital, after brief test - they discharged us - they said it was nothing. However, it was getting worse. Hospital again, test found symptoms dehydration. I had to take Krysia home again. She still wanted to drinkand then she lost power in her hands...

Horror and enormous fear for the life of my wife and unborn child paralyzed me. I was powerless. The diagnosis that we finally heard made our world stop - ischemic stroke. That evening Krysia suffered the first seizure, she lost consciousness. I was dying with her ... but actually with them, with my beloved girls.

Maybe if the stroke had been diagnosed earlier, Krysia's condition would not have been so dramatic ... Meanwhile, the day after her surgery brain cerebral edema occurred. When he was blamed, we were told that now we can only wait... The doctor told me simply - prepare for the worst. I was to lose my wife and unborn daughter. I would stay with my son Marcell, all alone.

It couldn't end this way! We had all our lives ahead of us for which we had to fight! We didn't give up. Every day we visited Krysia with the whole family, I told her that she must be strong, that she has someone to live for.

Days, weeks has passed ... Krysia condition slowly stabilized, although it was still severe. Attempts were made to wake her up from coma. The doctors did not give us hope for the future, but I still believed. And then came the COVID-19 pandemic. I couldn't see my wife for over 70 days...

On the 5th of June, in her 28th week of pregnancy in the intensive care unit, Krysia gave birth to our daughter. I was by her side then ... I experienced horror again. Our baby scored mare 1 point on the Apgar scale, her heart was not beating! Then another miracle happened thy resuscitation was a sucess... Today doctors say they can't explain it. After such strong medications nothing happened to our newborn. Despite her very severe condition Krysia seemed to protect her daughter.

Due to pregnancy, the drainage valve from the brain did not work properly; thankfully it's better today. The doctors just performed another surgery and Krysia has an implant inserted in her head, which replaces the cut fragment of the skull.

Krysia has woken up and is fighting with all her strength. Although it is mainly me who speaks and asks, but yesterday for the first time she asked: "how are our children?" I was jumping of happiness!

Our son Marcel turned two in March and he has not seen his mother for half a year - it is too dangerous because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, my wife and daughter are in the same hospital. I go to our daughter, which is on the 4th floor I can even hug her now. Then I go down to my wife on the 2nd floor and tell her everything. The girls have not met yet, but soon it will finally succeed!

I want to believe so badly that it's all behind us. Krysia, despite the paresis that paralyzed half of her body, that half of her brain does not function properly, she remembers everything, tries to talk and has contact with us. The daughter is already breathing on her own, she is gaining weight well. Soon we will leave the hospital, and then Krysia must begin intensive rehabilitation. This is the only way that unfortunately costs a fortune - around 30,000 a month. We dream to raise this sum at least for one year ...

Please, help Krysia return to our world ... We would like to be together, all four of us. We would like to forget about this horror movie and go to a happy future. Help me, please ...

Krysia's husband, Daniel 

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 6,415 people
437,930 zł (102.91%)
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