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URGENT ❗️A dramatic fight for a tiny, little heart! Jacob is fighting for his life!

Kubuś Zwierzchowski

URGENT ❗️A dramatic fight for a tiny, little heart! Jacob is fighting for his life!

3 434 660,07 zł ( 52.42% )
Wsparło 75950 osób

The unrefunded treatment of a complicated heart defect and requirement for medical transport.

Fundraising organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Kubuś Zwierzchowski, 4 months
Blizne, podkarpackie
Heart defect – tetralogy of fallot, Fusion of the pulmonary valve, pulmonary circulation supplied by the collateral vessels MAPCAs
Starts at: 17 May 2021
Ends at: 20 July 2021


URGENT! During Jacob’s operation the doctors gave up claiming that they could not help us. A dramatic race against time is underway. There is only a few weeks to collect a huge amount of money that will save Jacob’s heart!

In our family album there are no family photo shots, no beautiful family pictures. Instead there are ‘souvenirs’ from hospital rooms and ICU, which our son has not left since he was born. This is the documentation of the fight to the death, a short story of love, pain, terror and fear that will continue till the day we board a plane to the USA, where specialists are going to  undertake complex treatments.

Kubuś Zwierzchowski

During the med tests, which were carried out during the pregnancy, we heard that our son’s heart was not working properly. Fallot’s tetralogy with atresia of the pulmonary valve and narrowed pulmonary arteries were diagnosed. In one moment, a shadow of fear fell on the excitement and joy of waiting for our beloved son.

Until the end of pregnancy, we were faced with uncertainty, because at this stage no one could predict the degree of complexity of the disease. We were reassured that a standard treatment protocol would probably be enough and three surgeries would save the little heart. Unfortunately, such information made us live under everyday fear. This fear lasts till today.

Kubuś Zwierzchowski

The moment when Jacob joined the world was the most amazing event in our life. Literally we forgot, for a second, that our little child is doomed to an extremely hard fight from his first seconds in this world. From the very beginning, doctors started administering life-sustaining drugs for surgery, and this gave all of us hope for effective treatment in Poland.  The open-heart surgery was practically over when it, the nightmare started – the doctors told us that the defect was too complicated and they were unable to treat it at this point. Jacob’s  pulmonary trunk and pulmonary arteries have not developed, and the lungs are supplied with blood and oxygen through substitute vessels (MAPCAS), which the body has produced by itself. Treatment would be possible only when the vessels grow, but no one can be sure whether Jacob will survive this. His breathing is constantly supported by specialized equipment.

The scale of this tragedy are indiscernible. We are afraid for every following day, and at the same time we focus all our strength on seeking help. We received preliminary information from a US clinic that this disease could be treated. That means our son has a chance for LIVING!

However, first we have to face a huge challenge – money. The costs of surgery and specialized medical transport may exceed PLN 5 million. We have only a MONTH to collect this huge amount as we must reach the Clinic in June.

We would like to ask for help – it sounds trivial, but we have no other option than to ask every good, sensitive hearts for helping for our little hero!

Each support makes a hope for Jacob’s life! Together we are fighting for a miracle for Jacob!

Jacob’s mother: The next hours in the ICU, the beeping of the hospital equipment, which informs that the heart for which I am fighting is still beating.

I pray for his strength to fight…I cannot afford tears of despair. He cannot lose and I cannot give up! I believe in good people who will give my child a possibility for a fresh start. I believe, one day, Jacob will come home with us.


You can support Jacob’s fight by participating in auctions created for fundraised in the group of: Licytacje dla Kubusia Zwierzchowskiego

3 434 660,07 zł ( 52.42% )
Wsparło 75950 osób

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