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Please help us win our son’s fight against cancer! We have little time!

Kubuś Bachula
Fundraiser finished

Please help us win our son’s fight against cancer! We have little time!

Fundraiser goal:

cancer treatment

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja KAWAŁEK NIEBA
Kubuś Bachula, 4 years old
Podsarnie, małopolskie
Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma with leukemoid reaction with an indication for hematopoietic cell allotransplantation
Starts on: 07 May 2021
Ends on: 01 August 2021

Fundraiser description

Kubuś, our two-year-old son, needs your help! His cancer treatment has to start now, but we cannot afford it on our own.

Kubuś Bachula

Last year, just a month after his second birthday, we received devastating news: Kubuś had been diagnosed with cancer (anaplastic large cell lymphoma with leukemoid reaction). Our lives have, since then, collapsed. Kubuś went through six cycles of harsh chemotherapy, however the cancer continues to progress very fast, making its way into his nervous system. 

The only chance we have to save his life is a bone marrow transplant in the hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. The cost of this treatment is enormous, 2,500,000 PLN (that is about $670,000 or € 550,000) and unfortunately, it is not covered by our insurance. Our situation is critical, Kubuś cannot wait much longer, every day counts as the disease progresses very fast. We are devastated, Kubuś is suffering from pain and is scared.

Kubuś Bachula

We don’t even want to think of what will happen if we cannot find the money to cover this treatment on time. We will move heaven and earth to help our son win this long, tough and uneven fight against cancer but the costs of treatment are too high for us to cover on our own. We will be endlessly grateful if you can offer us any financial support to win this fight. 

Kubuś, his mom, dad and sister

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