toilet will be easy! finally!!!

Fundacja Dom w Łodzi
organizator skarbonki

We need to give our kids a possibility to develop their independence. They love it. They need it. "I can do it myself" - is so important to them.

Our kids suffer different disabilities - Fundacja "Dom w Łodzi" is the Orphanage for Ill Children. 6 years old Julka "walks" on a wheel-chair, Edytka suffers from infantile paralysis. They need a special handicap-friendly bathroom.

 The house is under hudge reconstruction right now. Here we collect money for special bathroom equipement - not only bathtub, toilet and wash-baisins, but also special hangers, handles and support-items. We also want to instal a special "movable" mirror - so our Princesses will be finally able to see their smilig faces while washinh teeth!!!

Thank you for your support!



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