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Leon had a 50% chance of surviving... Today he is bravely fighting and needs support.

Leon Kołtowski

Leon had a 50% chance of surviving... Today he is bravely fighting and needs support.

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to 75365
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6,15 zł (including VAT)
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Fundraiser goal:

A year-long physical therapy, medications

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Leon Kołtowski, 7 years old
Warszawa, mazowieckie
Condition after a traffic accident—spastic quadriplegia, hangman’s fracture, neurogenic bladder, Horner syndrome, neuromuscular scoliosis
Starts on: 04 July 2022
Ends on: 01 March 2023

Fundraiser description

In 2019, our then four-year-old son was injured in a traffic accident. He was with his slightly older brother at the time, abroad. It was their vacation together at grandma's house, which was going to end that day. Being already on the tarmac, on my way to pick up the children, I received a phone call with information about the accident. All I remember is that it was the longest drive of my life...

The accident was an unfortunate coincidence. Unfortunately imprinted on our little Leon's life forever. From the beginning of the incident, Leon was conscious. He saw and heard everything. Due to extreme pain and specific symptoms, he was taken by helicopter to the hospital. 

He was all alone, with people he didn't know, who spoke a different language, who did something to him all the time. This trauma will remain with him for years to come... He was, after all, so tiny, not yet able to understand everything. 

From the moment our son was taken to the hospital, his condition deteriorated. There was a spinal stroke, swelling, and quadriplegia. Unfortunately, all this was followed by a string of complications. Leon had difficulty breathing, and intubation was necessary. There was a moment when he was simply fighting for his tiny life! He spent six weeks in the intensive care unit...

As a result of the incident, Leon has a damaged spinal cord and a neurogenic bladder. He spent eight weeks in the hospital, brushing up against death. Now he is bravely fighting to regain as much mobility as possible. We, in turn, are doing everything possible to make him fully independent in the future.

Within days of the accident, we had to turn into fully qualified medical care. To this day, we still must control his parameters, help with hygiene and self-care, and basic physiological activities.

In addition, Leon requires intensive and continuous rehabilitation and treatment for urinary disorders. We would like Leon to be able to develop normally like his brother and peers. Without the fear of progressive scoliosis and neurogenic disorders.

Leon is an intelligent boy, aware of his disability. He is mathematically gifted and would like to open his own laboratory in the future.

Daily, we grasp at every opportunity that offers at least a shadow of a chance for improvement! But all this costs a lot...

To enable him to live a relatively normal life, we need financial support. Please, help Leon...

Julia and Lucas, parents

Donate via text

to 75365
Text 0211805
6,15 zł (including VAT)
Donate via text now

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