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Help for Lucek!


Lucek is only two years old, and he has several major leg operations behind him. Thanks to this, the amputation nightmare is forgotten. Unfortunately, this is not the end of our path to Luck's fitness. The son grows, he must have the telescopic rod replaced, which pulls out as the leg grows. Another operation and uncertainty are ahead of us, because we have to collect huge money again. As a mother, I am asking you for all my heart. We can't lose what we've got!

Lucjan Grzesik

After Luck's birth, I noticed that my son was rolling one leg under him. Mandatory hip tests in the second month of life and reassuring words from an orthopedist - there is no reason to worry, it will straighten itself. All in all Lucuś moved his leg, maybe I was really oversensitive? And then there was a swelling, a lump.

X-rays showed that the bone was broken. He hasn't fallen anywhere, so how can the bone be broken? She broke herself? - this question seemed absurd, but as it later turned out, this is the case in Luck's disease - the bone breaks itself and cannot grow.

Lucek has a congenital pseudoarthrosis. It's a prenatal disease. The bone breaks and a false joint appears here. In Poland, three children are born annually with such a defect. Subsequent fractures lead to abnormal development of the leg, making healthy grow faster and the one that breaks constantly - slower. When the difference between the legs from a few centimeters increases to a dozen or so, the child stops walking...

Lucjan Grzesik

After several visits to small leg specialists in Poland, we lost hope that anyone would help our child. We were sent from office to office, doctors spread their hands because they could not cure such a case. We appreciated honesty, not everyone has to be familiar with everything, but we were left alone. We were hoping that someone would say: "we can't help but there is someone abroad who can, try it." Such words have never been said, but we found this "someone" ourselves. We sent the son's medical records to Dr. Paley to the USA. Along with the qualification I received a huge cost estimate.

Thousands of good people stood on our way, thanks to whom we went for surgery. Before I gave my son to the operating theater, I held him in my arms and died of fear. I was afraid of pain after the surgery, but I also knew that we had no other choice, that it was the only way for Lucek to be healthy. I don't regret it today - the surgery was successful. When he started walking after a few weeks, I cried with happiness.

Lucjan Grzesik

In Lucek's leg there are rods that protect the bone from fracture and are support for it. This most important rod grows with Luck - it is telescopic and extends by an appropriate increase. Unfortunately, its scope ends at some point and must be replaced with a new one. This will be our son's next surgery. Unfortunately, this operation costs money and it is still unattainable for us.

Dr. Paley promised us that Lucek would walk 100%. He kept his word and today our son is running. However, we must return to the clinic so as not to lose what we have managed to work out. In order not to lose Lucek's health ...

Please, be with us, help us return to the place where our son was found to be rescued...

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