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Help for Malgorzata!

Małgorzata Kawulok

Help for Malgorzata!

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to 75365
Text 0180612
6,15 zł (including VAT)
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Fundraiser goal:

Prosthetic leg

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Małgorzata Kawulok, 50 years old
Ustroń, śląskie
Amputation of the leg
Starts on: 08 February 2022

Fundraiser description

The injury started a series of misfortunes for Małgorzata! Please read the dramatic story of the former athlete and help her fight for her health! 

Since the age of 14 sport was my whole world. I trained athletics and at the age of 15 I became Polish Youth Champion in shot put.  At the age of 16 I got into the Polish Team and my real sports career began. Trips and camps sports all over Poland - this was my life. 

I have won everything that could be won in Poland in shot put and in discus throw. The streak of success lasted 6 years. Then my personal end of the world has come - my injury and so the end of my dreams.

My life has changed as much as it could be possible. After the injury, I worked as a hotel receptionist and at the same time I took care of my seriously ill father. My father passed away in 2010 and shortly after that my mother had a stroke. Since that time she has been completely reliant on my care. 

The situation only got worse and my mother had her leg amputated. I tried to do what I could to help her, while at the same time working in a twelve-hour shift system at the reception desk. I forgot about myself because others needed my help more. As a result my health problems worsened too. At the end of the 2020, due to diabetes, my toe in the right foot was amputated and later on, the toe in the left foot too. Unfortunately the situation required amputation of the leg. And so here I am now, left alone with my mother, both disabled. 

Helplessness is my personal tragedy. I used to be an active person, and now I am disabled person and simple things as for a healthy person are unmakeble for me. I don't have high expectations, I don't feel pity for myself, but I would like to be as functional as possible. My ability to move around would be only possible by having a good prosthetic leg. I would like to live, work and earn money for myself and my mother's needs. I don't want to bother or to be a burden to anyone. 

Right now, I'm only separated from achieving my independence by tens of thousands of zlotys.  This is the sum of the costs of the prosthesis and rehabilitation, the costs of travels for the fitting the prosthesis and the costs of visits to the specialists. 

Please don't leave me alone.
Even the smallest amount counts. 
Thank you for each payment. 


Donate via text

to 75365
Text 0180612
6,15 zł (including VAT)
Donate via text now

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