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Close to one hundred children without a real home. They found a shelter in the centre for foreigners to Targowek. But this shelter is just the beginning of their difficult road. Please help them to get to their destination.

Foundation for Freedom takes care of these kieds from 2012. We have worked hard to gain the thir trust, accompanying them almost every day. The children who are unprepared for life in our culture, harmed by wars and family traumas. Our staff teach them Polish, help to do the homework, play safely, develop and establish partnership relations with their peers. To find a proper kindergarten, apartment or job. We wish them all a bright future in our country.

We need 1000-1500 euro per month to maintain the common-room and conduct integration activities with Polish colleagues. For books, games, educational materials and toys. For trips to cultural institutions and workshops. For the salaries of the teachers who work with children many hours each week. This is usually financed from grants but the grants are not always available, and even when they are they never cover all the needs. Nonetheless, even when the money is not there we never leave the kids.

Could you help us?


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Gratuluję zebrania 100%! :)
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Mariusz P.

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Magda Mino'aka Bebenek

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