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Zagadka dla lekarzy

Michał Wojsiat
Fundraiser finished

Zagadka dla lekarzy

Fundraiser goal:

Sympatektomia lędźwiowa i podanie kroplówki z nierefundowanego leku

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Michał Wojsiat
Łódź, łódzkie
Przewlekłe niedokrwienie lewej nogi II stopnia
Starts on: 09 December 2014
Ends on: 31 March 2015

Fundraiser result

Zbiórka na ratowanie nogi Michała zakończyła się sukcesem. W marcu 2015 roku Michał miał drugi wlew kroplówki.

Michał Wojsiat

Leczenie lekiem przebiegło książkowo. Na leczenie trafiłem z niegojącą się od miesięcy raną stopy, noga była opuchnięta i bardzo ciężko się jej używało, była ciężka, ledwo chodziłem, pomijając ból. Po wlewach z leku Prostavasin opuchlizna szybko zeszła, rana zagoiła się, a w nodze udało się przywrócić krążenie. Zamierzony efekt został osiągnięty. Rewelacja! I nie trzeba było przeprowadzać zabiegu sympatektomii lędźwiowej.

Pozostałe środki, które są na koncie, przeznaczam na dalsze leczenie nogi, pokrywając koszty leków. Ostatnio musiałem przymować nowe leki z powodu krytycznego niedokrwieniea żylnego nogi.

Dzięki zgromadzonym środkom jestem w stanie utrzymać nogę w zdrowiu, a co ważniejsze, zachować ją i cieszyć się życiem normalnego człowieka. Bez stresu, że nie będę mógł opłacić niezbędnego leczenia. Dziękuję!

Fundraiser description

- It's only about time that You'll loose Your leg. That will be only worse. - The doctors were sure about this. - Isn't that possibly to stop the disease, slow it down...push more circulation...i don't know, do anything - I used to ask.

Michal remembers, that pain of the leg started when he was just 14. The leg started hurt during running on a gym lessons in primary school. He kept running, finally only one leg did hurt, afterwards the pain was back during next gym. Just to be sure he decided to do a basic doppler diagnostic test. He was very upset about the results - size of all arteries was not correct. The arteries in the sick leg been a half of a size they should be, half smaller than in the other leg which is actually perfect. That was a pain reason. Size of the arteries was not correct propably since he was born, they just didn't give him any more sympthoms during this years. The only which was sure, can't leave the leg like this, because he will loose it.

They doctors wasn't sure at all about that they have to do something and what to do. Still didn't know how to call Michal's disease. On the papers with resulsts of a leg's diagnosis different disease's name appeared. But it wasn't the most important, the most important was to stop the disease. - I remember that I was suggesting to the doctors, that maybe it is possibly to do some operation, to make the arteries a bit wider...the doctor said that "We absolutely can't do nothing about it, because it may cause a worst condition of the leg. You have something like this and You have to lears how to live like that."

And Michal used to live with a disease till now, using all the doctor's recommendations. When he stopped growing up he realised, than one foot is smaller than the other one - about 1,5 size smaller. Then a night strong pain started to appear. He used to fall asleep waking up after 15-30 minutes when the the pain was back, used to wake him up with a feeling like somebody put a hot water onto his foot. Used to get up and walk to let the blood come back to the foot and let the pain go away. None of painkillers, even a big doses didn't work on it. Insomia was making his life more and more difficult. Afterward he couldn't sleep in a daytime because used to work. When he already wasn't in a good condition to be able to concentrate he left the job, before his fatigue could cause a tragedy.

Michał Wojsiat

- My disease is a riddle and unusual for a vascular surgeons in Poland, Spain or Germany where I visited the local hospitals. - says Michal. - Perspective of loose the leg is still behind my back. Apart of it in August 2013 I've got a necrotizing wound, which is not able to cure till today and is a reason of a strong pain. First it was just a small chafe, but then it become a wound - deeper and more and more painful. It hurts not only when lie down, also when walking, all the time.

- I don't know if I ever saw anything like that - says a doctor from Lodz (a polish city) taking a look at Michal's foot. However he said also, that not everything is lost, that we still can save the leg. Still, but nobody says that we'll be always able to do this. That's why we have to hurry up. The plan is really easy. First of all we do a lumbar sympathectomy. A risk? There's always some risk, however a couple other, different doctors recommended it, as a intervention which may save the leg. A couple weeks later Michal will get 30-days drip with a medicine called Prostovasine. The medicine is a technical medicine that will push more blood into the whole leg, will partly fix the critical ischemia of the leg, closing the painfull wound at the same time.

The leg's amputation during all these years was recommended as on of the treatment's method. Then wouldn't be a reason to fight, because that would be no leg. Michal first wants to do everything what is possibly, to save the leg. He doesn't know the reason of the disease, and he still didn't meet any doctor who would be able to explain it to him. During all these years doctors kept saying that any operation is too risky to do, but without it he'll definitely loose the leg in the future. Michal wants to take a rish, he's not able to live anymore like that. But he needs our support. We can help him to believe, that life starts after age of 30s, then after a succesfull treatment he'll be able to start everything once again - work, sleepy nights full of dreams, but not a life of fear that he'll loose the leg one day.

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