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A brain tumor kills Michasia! There is no time to lose!

Michasia Kozłowska

A brain tumor kills Michasia! There is no time to lose!

790 719,51 zł
Donated by 8627 people
Campaign goal:

Leczenie glejaka mózgu w zagranicznej klinice

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Michasia Kozłowska
Giżycko, warmińsko-mazurskie
Brainstem tumor
Starts at: 11 October 2019
Ends at: 30 December 2019

Campaign description

You go out for Sunday dinner and you realize that your beloved, most adorable child begins to tilt her head to one side in an unnatural way. You think she is just turning her head towards the sun because actually she is the sun and the world for you - the world that you live for. You could fill each day of this world with your love and with gummy sweets that Michasia likes so much…

You don’t know yet that in two days your sun will stop shining, and your whole world will crumble like a house of cards because it’s a brainstem glioma that causes those abnormal head movements, not the sunlight. Suddenly, everything began swirling like in an ominous kaleidoscope. An acute, severe headache, double vision, referral to an ophthalmologist, who was the first to see something more, something that really worried him.

A ward in an Olsztyn hospital and then, immediately, an ambulance drive to Warsaw – no time to lose. In Warsaw, the diagnose was confirmed – hydrocephalus and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma – inoperable. It broke our hearts. It was necessary to immediately put a valve which would drain away the cerebrospinal fluid to the peritoneum. Fear, uncertainty and questions: Why our Michasia, why us?

That walk when it all began is still before our eyes, and the hospital, the surgery, the agony of waiting and the joy that it went fine. And yet, though this is just the beginning, we are terrified by the thought we may not be strong enough to go through this hell…

Michasia Kozłowska

Ten-year-old kids go to school, play with other children, go on holiday ... Kids at this age shouldn’t fall ill, or fight for their life, or die. Why her? Why does she, so delicate and fragile, have to face such a powerful and deadly enemy? We shall fight and seize every chance to let her stay with us longer, to let her younger sister, Marcelina, play with “Nana” for as long as possible.

We will also be looking for help abroad. Brainstem glioma treatment requires huge amounts of money, and we have very little time. Your willing hearts will help us defeat the illness that wants to kill our kid. By the time we get the final cost estimate of the treatment, it will be too late to start to raise funds, so we want to get ready now. Every day and every hour are priceless for our little daughter.

We are in utter anguish, desperately looking for a health centre that will save our child. We are aware that the cost of treatment will be far beyond what we can afford. All we can do is to beg your support. Marcelinka is really missing her sister, Michasia. We want our daughters to be together again, safe in our home. Please, help us end this nightmare, help our daughter stay alive!

Michasia’s Parents

790 719,51 zł
Donated by 8627 people

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