I Can - I am able to - I want to

Imagine that you wake up one day and you cannot speak. This is not a usual loss of speech, you just do not know how to do it, although you spoke only yesterday. You can see that other people talk to you and talk to each other. You know that the sounds they make are used for communication but you are not able to make your tongue or mouth utter sounds even a little similar to those that you can hear.

You are getting nervous because people that are around you, with a gentle smile of incomprehension, give you food or something to drink every time you look at them and you have so much more to say. You want to speak about what you are interested in, what you want, what you are afraid of. After all, the fact that you do not speak does not mean that you have nothing to say. Imagine that you are not able to take any object with your hand or even show, with a gesture, that you want something because you lost the ability to use your hands. You know that you have them but you do not know how to make them do what you want. You can only look at others with hope that they will understand your look. Imagine that you are a girl with Rett Syndrome.

However, it does not have to be this way. Modern eye tracking technology - reading the motion of the eyes, allows persons with Rett syndrome to give up the function of a silent statist and become active participants in the surrounding world. The more so, because this technology is already available and its capacities are enormous. Starting from the operation of a speech synthesiser and ending with the use of a computer and everything that is computer controlled.

However, eye tracking sets are expensive. The cost of the cheapest one is ca. PLN 17,000.00. This amount, with fixed expenditures for rehabilitation, is difficult to afford by most families of persons with Rett Syndrome.

The aim of the project called "I can - I am able to - I want to" (http://www.mogepotrafiechce.pl) is to promote modern technologies in alternative communication for people with Rett syndrome. It's the solution which enables something unable for most of that people - independent interactions with the surrounding world. We also want to raise funds for eye tracking sets in order to create a base for free of charge lending of this equipment to persons with Rett syndrome to support those families, whose financial situation does not allow them to gain free of charge access to this technology so that they could learn about its capacities and make a decision.


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