Ksawery for Kajtek

Joanna Lackowska
organizator skarbonki
Today is the big day : D Xavier celebrates second birthday . From this asks you for a  gift , not for myself ... for a boy who already in the belly we have suffered unimaginable pain ... we talk about Kajtku ...

Kajtek is sick of EB - ( epidermolysis bullosa ), which epidermolysis bullosa . The most severe , incurable character that Polish doctors are not able to cope. Faulty type VII collagen gene , which is responsible for the production of collagen in the skin , makes it soft as butterfly wings. Breaks under slight pressure. "Do not hold " the body , peeled , and worst of all , it heals very hard ... and some places do not heal at all.
My dear joining forces we can take from this pain Kajtka . To work !!!!!


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Marta Jankowiak

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Joanna Lackowska

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Joanna Lackowska
Kajetan Lipowicz, 8 years
Kajtek - odmień los małego motylka
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