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Matylda is only 1-year old but she is already an important part of our Techland family. The sad thing is she also suffers from a serious disease. Luckily, we know how to help her! According to doctors from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Matylda has 98% chance of beating malignant eye cancer which she was diagnosed with when she was just 3 months old. We have already collected a share of this sum, but it still is not enough - Matylda still needs $200,000 more for the treatment in the Center. Help us save her life!

Matylda can begin her treatment once we have at least a half of it. Every single day counts, because the cancer can spread to other organs at any time. Please don’t make her wait! Donate at least one dollar for Matylda! It’s just one dollar, and you can help us raise the money while there is still time.

Let’s help Matylda together!

Help us spread this message to others. Share our video. Take a photo of yourself and a one dollar bill, and post it with hashtag #OneDollarBaby. Let’s show our support so Matylda’s family can really see it!

Donations can be made using your credit card. Donations of more than $15 can also be made via PayPal.

Donations can be made in Polish currency (ZŁ) only. You can use currency converter on the site to see how much to donate.

1 USD = 3,90 zł

1 EUR = 4,25 zł

Thank you for all your support!


10 zł


20 zł


100 zł


85 zł


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55 zł


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