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Hemangioma threatens Asia's life! Without surgery it will get the worst - help!

Joanna Łupińska
Fundraiser finished

Hemangioma threatens Asia's life! Without surgery it will get the worst - help!

Fundraiser goal:

Hemangioma removal surgery in Hannover

Fundraiser organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Joanna Łupińska, 40 years old
Siedlce, mazowieckie
Cavernous hemangioma on the brainstem
Starts on: 15 October 2019
Ends on: 18 December 2019

Fundraiser result

Wiele osób pyta co u mnie i jak się czuję? A więc... Po małych turbulencjach od tygodnia jestem w domu. Operacja się udała! Naczyniak wycięty w całości. Są jeszcze drobne pozostałości po chorobie, ale na to trzeba czasu, muszę uzbroić się w cierpliwość. Z dnia na dzień mam coraz więcej siły. Najważniejsze – ŻYJĘ. Mówię, słyszę, widzę, jestem sprawna i pamiętam wszystko.
Cieszę się życiem, rodziną i tym, że otacza mnie tylu wspaniałych ludzi.

Kochani, to dzięki Wam jestem tu, gdzie jestem. Jeszcze raz pragnę serdecznie podziękować za ogrom dobra, które mnie spotkało i spotyka codziennie.

Dziękuję Wam z całego serca!

Do zobaczenia,

Joanna Łupińska

Fundraiser description

It was by accident that we found out about acavernous hemangioma of the brain stem  in the head of my beloved wife. I took Asia to a hospital after she hit herself in the temple. The doctors made the necessary tests, including CT. Luckily the hit was not severe, but the information we heard brought us down on our knees. They found an angioma on Asia’s brain stem. We saw our whole life before our eyes; our youngest boy is only three years old…
We broke down only for a moment. Then we stood up to fight. The doctors said that as long as there were no other symptoms, we should do nothing. Unfortunately, in July, my wife’s health rapidly deteriorated. Her left arm and leg went numb. The tests results knocked us off our feet: the aneurysm was growing and exerted pressure on the nerves. Now a half of Asia’s body is numb, in particular her head and arm, she also suffers enormous pain, which is starting to become unbearable. A strong feeling of expansion in the head makes it impossible for Asia to normally function.

There is nothing to wait for; the operation has become an urgent necessity. We started to search for doctors willing to perform such complicated surgery. There is hope in Hannover, but a very costly one. That’s why I ask from all my heart – do not let Asia leave us. I know the surgery is a chance for life, both for Asia, and for our whole family.

Daniel, Asia’s husband   

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