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Urgent❗️Antos is fighting for his life ❣️Only surgery will save him…

Antoś Trębiński
Fundraiser finished

Urgent❗️Antos is fighting for his life ❣️Only surgery will save him…

Fundraiser goal:

cewnikowanie serca w Stanford w USA

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Antoś Trębiński, 4 years old
Łódź, łódzkie
erminal heart defect: tetralogy of Fallot, pulmonary atresia and hypoplasia plus MAPCAs, Alagille’s syndrome
Starts on: 05 August 2021
Ends on: 22 September 2021

Previous fundraisers:

Antoś Trębiński
2 877 575,00 zł ( 104.52% )
62428 donors
02.04.2019 - 20.09.2019

Life-saving heart surgery by prof. Hanley in the US - the only hope

2 877 575,00 zł ( 104.52% )

Life-saving heart surgery by prof. Hanley in the US - the only hope

Fundraiser description

Sometimes we ask you to save health, and sometimes the stake is what is the most important - life.  Life of a tiny child, who will otherwise die before our eyes. Antos is 17 months and has a terminally ill heart. When you first met him, he was fighting in intensive care. His only hope was in Stanford hospital in the US. Antos underwent heart catheterization and the first surgery to save his life. We are half way to saving his life.  The second battle is ahead of us - to collect funds for the full correction of his heart.  Antos’ life depends on it. We ask you - help, save this boy, do not postpone it until tomorrow.  Without your help Antos may die.

Antoś Trębiński

Ola and Adam, the parents of Antos have said: We are fighting for the life of our son.  The fight is dramatic, full of despair … We must win as losing will mean our worst fears - Antos’ death. Antos is only 17 months old. He was dying many times. The life of our son was disappearing in front of us. He was miraculously saved for a short while.  He must undergo surgery, on which everything depends. Life or death. We beg for your help to save his life!

Some of you met Antos last year.  It is difficult to go back to February, when we were in hospital with critical heart pressure and oxygen saturation requiring surgery. It was only a few months ago, but it seems a lifetime away… Our son was critically ill. Every time we saw him our hearts were breaking. His little, fragile heart could stop any minute. Each time we feared that we had seen him for the last time.

Our beloved son was born with a heart defect. Tetralogy of Fallot, pulmonary atresia with a fused heart valve and hypoplasia - these words like a spell mean death. Antos also suffers from Alagille’s syndrome -  a disorder that affects his liver.  It is his heart defect that has nearly killed him though.

Antoś Trębiński

We still remember, although we’d rather wish to forget, the time we were rushed to the hospital. Antos underwent in total 3 serious surgeries, 2 resuscitations, kidney dialysis, 3 heart catheterizations… For two weeks he was connected to an ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine. We remember when we heard doctors saying that they had never seen a case like this before. His heart was failing even though the machines were working. We remember when we heard the words after which we cried all night. We’ve accepted many decisions of the doctors, but to say goodbye to him - we were unable to do it.

The doctors in Poland saved Antos’ life many times, but at some point they were unable to help. They were giving Antos a maximum of a few weeks to live. In despair, we moved the earth in search of help. Antos case was too complex for most European hospitals.  The only hope was in Stanford in the US, where prof. Stanley has given a chance to many hopelessly ill children. Thanks to you, our child was amongst them.

Antoś Trębiński

Antos’ condition was so severe that no chartered airline agreed to transport him, and he had to be transported by a flying ambulance. Prof. Stanley did not give us any illusions.  Antos’ blood vessels were in a critical condition and his heart was weakened by many surgeries.  In terms of difficulty to cure, his condition was 10 out of 10.

In the US Antos has undergone heart catheterization and unplanned surgery to discover and re-build his blood vessels and connect them to his left lung.  The surgery went as planned. Antos’ left lung has begun to work, giving Antos time and a green light for the full correction of his heart.  If successful, Antos will be able to live as a healthy child!

Antoś Trębiński

Today we are in Poland and we commit every minute to Antos, but we live in fear.  Our warrior may only be saved by full corrective surgery of his heart. Without it, Antos will die. It is hard to think about it without pain in our hearts. We’ll do everything so that it does not happen.

We have to go back to the US in May. Thanks to many wonderful people we met on our way, we have collected some of the funds already, but there is a lot missing. We beg you for your support, prayers.  We are close to saving our warrior’s life. By supporting Antos, you are saving our world. Please do not let him go…


You can follow Antos’ fight on FACEBOOK (in Polish): Bądź z Antosiem na Facebooku i śledź jego walkę o życie

or take part in online auctions (also in Polish): Licytując i kupując, ratujesz życie. Weź udział w licytacjach dla Antosia

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