Plaza for Amelka

Michał Beńko
organizator skarbonki

Not once you showed us that you have a huge hearts - we helped together shelter in Dłużynia Górna and Kamil from Luban.

This time, let's help Amelka. This little girl is from our neighborhood  - Jelenia Gora and suffering from disease, by which she can not walk. The only hope for her is surgery and a long rehabilitation.

For this treatment and rehabilitation she needs 50 000 zł

The family is not able to collect such ammount - will you help Amelka to stand on her own feet?

"Mommy, I do not want any candy or gifts for Christmas. I just want to walk."

Little girl is waiting for your support and donation! :-))

Let's help together!


50 zł


30 zł


10 zł


20 zł


30 zł


Darowizny trafiają bezpośrednio na zbiórkę charytatywną:
1,140 zł Supported by 6 people CEL: 5,000 ZŁ