I'm desperately fighting for my life! My children waiting for me!

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Treatment - immunotherapy

Marta Pianko, 39 years

Warszawa, mazowieckie

Malignant tumor of the breast with lymph node metastases

Ends: 27 September 2019

My name is Marta. I’m 40 years old and I am desperately fighting for my life. My family has been struggling for the past 10 years from a series of unfortunate health diagnoses. First my husband, then my disabled son, and now I have received a shocking diagnosis: the most aggressive form of breast cancer (triple negative) that grew over 5 cm with metastases and a poor prognosis. I no longer question why we had to suffer so much. I don’t have much time and I need to act, so here I am asking for help.

For those who doesn’t know my family, let me please share with you our story briefly. Over ten years ago (one year after our wedding) my husband Marek was diagnosed with acute leukemia. His chances for survival were small, and he spent one year in the hospital looking for a bone marrow donor. A last minute doner from Germany saved his life and a successful transplantation took place.

A year after the transplant, with the help of doctors, we managed to get pregnant. The fact that we were to become a family was overwhelming. Yet, during the second semester of pregnancy, we discovered that our son would be born with a serious heart defect. The joy of being parents changed to fear and that was just the beginning. Ignaś was born with a set of genetic defects, bilateral significant hearing loss, low muscle tone and other serious health issues: a brain tumor, eye defect and autism. His hospital has become our home. He had a heart surgery, followed by years of intensive rehabilitation that required one of us to quit our job.

In September 2017 our daughter Maja was born. She brought a bit of hope to a difficult everyday life. We knew that one day, when we will be gone, Ignaś would not be alone in the world. I was breastfeeding Maja for one and a half years. It was during this period that I noticed a lump in my breast. Despite calming comments (it’s a cyst, natural after breastfeeding) I suspected something. By the time I ended up in the hands of specialists, it was already very late. Within a month, the tumor had grown to over 5 cm, was ruthless and had begun damaging my organism.  The final diagnosis is advanced breast cancer, III stage, inoperable and the worst subtype: three-negative (TNBC). What does it mean? That for patients like me medicine has little to offer to prolong life without relapse and survival length is significantly shorter than in other types of breast cancer.

This is not how it was supposed to be. It was Ignacy who was meant to receive treatment to reduce his tumor’s size before a final surgery to remove it, But now we need to change priorities and I have to hurry. Intensive chemotherapy, radical mastectomy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation...long ang bumpy road ahead of me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and a treatment that could extend my life . Unfortunately, it has a high cost. Immunotherapy for three-type breast cancer is not yet fully available in Poland, many studies are only in the experimental phase.

We will not be alone on the battlefield. I believe that with your help I will make it! I will fight again, this time for myself, to be able to hold my son Ignas by hand, when he wakes up after his brain tumor surgery! This is not a time for dying: Maja, a disabled Ignaś and my husband - I want to live for them! I will not give up, I promise! Please help me.

Person verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
562 200 zł
Supported by 8 479 people