Two tumours in one Natalia! She needs urgent help!

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4-month treatment with two chemotherapeutics.

Natalia Spruta, 16 years

Kobylin, wielkopolskie

Papillary and clear cell carcinoma of the kidney with liver metastases.

Started: 11 February 2020
Ends: 08 June 2020

Natalia is on the verge of adulthood - this is not the time to fear for her life in the hospital ward. This ruthless illness decided to test our daughter's endurance and take our whole family for a walk in hell. Unfortunately, this walk demands from us a huge sum of money in exchange for Natalia’s life. The medicine, which the daughter must take in the coming weeks, is non-refundable. This is our last chance; we don't even have a moment to lose...

Natalia Spruta

Health issues began already in middle school. Natalia had cysts on her kidneys. At least, that’s what it seemed. When a doctor was treating Natalia, he was worried about her results. Only then did Natalia undergo the first CT scan. A Shock - the cysts turned out to be a huge tumour that had to be urgently removed, unfortunately, together with the kidney. The tumour was 95% papillary and 5% clear cell. It is such a drastically rare case that the search for appropriate treatment methods had to be done through a special catalogue of diseases around the world.

Natalia started chemotherapy. She lost her hair, was entangled in drip tubes and needles; self-esteem low in the grey everyday life of the hospital ward. The place, where the youngest and oldest children try to get out of the merciless embrace of death. The place, where life looks completely different. 

Natalia Spruta

Initially, chemotherapy was effective, but liver metastases appeared. The drug given started to work and metastasis got better. At least for the time being. In December of last year, the disease returned with double its original severity. Currently, the only form to treat this cancer is to administer two drugs that are normally given to adults only. However, there is no other way. The commission has just rejected the possibility of liver transplantation. These drugs are the only chance.

For a child, such treatment is non-refundable, the total 4-month cost of this treatment is over PLN 200,000 ($50,000) Where to get so much money from? Should we tell our daughter: "We are sorry, we can't afford to save you?" We must not allow this to happen. With this fundraiser, we ask you to help get Natalia’s normal life back.

Join us. We certainly won't give up, but we can't do it alone. It is not easy to take pictures of a sick daughter on a hospital bed and show them to the whole world. However, we have no choice. Natalia knows that we will do anything to save her. I deeply believe that you will be one of them ... 

Natalia’s parents.