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Natalia i Julia Niedziela, 22 years

Barwice, zachodniopomorskie

cystic fibrosis

Started: 14 January 2021
Ends: 30 June 2021

ATC Classification System R07AX02 ATC Classification System R07AX

Julia and Natalia are a 22-year-old twins fighting for their breath with every passing day. They both suffer from cystic fibrosis. They need oxygen supply 24h per day to survive.

They are desperately collecting money for a treatment that is unfortunately non-refundable in Poland but can prolong their life and make it much easier for them both.

Julia and Natalia live in Przybków, a small village near Barwice.
Natalia is a beautician and she really loves her job. Julia is an administration worker. Since Junior High School, they have been learning at home as they cannot attend school with other regular students. Their illness has have progressed very fast - affecting their lives and taking away their ‘normal childhood’.

Both girls have a lot of artistic passions and interests. They both love singing (they even recorded their own cover), playing musical instruments, stained-glass work and make up and nails styling. However, cystic fibrosis made them unable to follow their hobbies and dreams.

Natalia i Julia Niedziela

Both girls need oxygen supply 24h per day. They can’t live without the oxygen tank, forcing them to be inside without leaving the house at all times.

Typical daily routine for Julia and Natalia consists of 8 hours of rehabilitation, 10 inhalations of the inhaled steroids, drainage, and a work out to strengthen their whole body. There is almost no place for leisure activities, but they do dream about leading a normal life.

Year 2020 was exceedingly difficult for Natalia and Julia and not due to the Covid-19 virus. The girls suffer from many others serious medical problems which got worse in 2020.
Natalia suffers from: chronic pancreatitis, sinus infection, malnutrition and heart problems Julia suffers from: chronic pancreatitis, malnutrition, eyesight problems and nephrolithiasis.

Both girls have been waiting for the lungs transplants as their condition is deteriorating fast and getting a lot worse with every passing day.

Nowadays, they are spending most of their life in hospitals fighting the severe problems with their respiratory systems.
These wonderful girls are fighting for their life every day and the only help and hope is in the medication that is non-refundable in Poland.

A year-long therapy costs over 1 000 000 PLN (250 000 Euro) for each girl. This cost must be doubled for both girls.

Julia’s and Natalia’s life was priced at 2 500 000 PLN (625 000 Euro). This expensive medication would allow them to lead a safe, quiet and a normal life – which they desire so much. They will be able to meet their grandparents who live on the second floor, meet with friends, or just go for a short walk.

Thanks to this medication Natalia and Julia will be able to breathe just like everyone else around them - something that is so natural for us - is currently so impossible for them.

The girls dream and hope that with your help, they will be able to buy this medication and live a life of immersion.

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 9,828 people
768,647 zł (28.51%)
To reach our goal: 1,926,481 zł
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