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Martyna has a chance to stop diabetes. She requires a specialist vaccination.

Martyna Matysek
Zbiórka zakończona

Martyna has a chance to stop diabetes. She requires a specialist vaccination.

239 297,00 zł ( 68.16% )
Wsparło 1435 osób

Innovative TREG vaccine

Fundraising organizer: Fundacja dla Dzieci z Cukrzycą
Martyna Matysek, 17 years
Zielonka, kujawsko-pomorskie
Type 1 diabetes
Starts at: 10 July 2019
Ends at: 15 March 2020


The first round of vaccination has been scheduled for 21 August. Until then we must collect over PLN 170k.  Please help!


Diabetes.  Many think that it’s a result of negligence, bad diet or lack of exercise. Our daughter has been an example of fitness and the illness came to light by chance.  Suddenly, our stable world which had been built for years has turned into rubble. We had to change our lives with military precision. We’re fighting for the illness not to progress and destroy our daughter’s health.  She’s got all her life ahead of her....

Martyna Matysek

Until that dreadful day, our life had been perfect.  We had everything one could dream of, perhaps because of the values we had. We’ll remember that day forever.  A regular grandparents’ visit, spending time with family. At one point, Martyna’s grandad pointed out that Maryna had been drinking a lot of fluids, which for him, a diabetic himself, was an alarm sign. Out of curiosity and to rule out an illness, he offered to check her glucose levels with his glucose meter. One thought was on our minds: “it’s impossible!” When we saw the result it left us flabbergasted: blood sugar level topping 600 mg/dL! We were in shock! Our first conclusion was that the device was broken. Unfortunately, the check carried out by grandad, a diabetic, left no doubt that the result was horrifyingly high. The following day I called the hospital and asked what we should do?  The answer that we should come to the hospital immediately gave me goosebumps. Reducing the sugar levels took a week. We had to accept that Martyna suffers from type 1 diabetes.

One could think that this is not the end of the world, but with the diagnosis, our life has changed. We started to have endless conversations about what is going to happen and researched for information - everything was important - the treatment, daily procedure...  We wanted to create the best conditions for Martyna. We’ve studied the subject in depth. We were given the diagnosis in October last year.  Our fight has lasted nearly a year now, but it feels much longer.  Everyday we learn something new.

The beginning was the hardest. Martyna has not accepted her illness. She has not come to terms with the situation, despite knowing that it will last forever. Diabetes is like a life sentence. No cure has been found for it yet. There is no therapy which would make one forget about it for good.  The only thing we can do is to limit its devastating effect on Martyna’s health. The consequences may be tragic, and we have to fight.

Our actions to date have brought effects, that surprise even doctors. Martyna has been in remission for a long time now.  The symptoms are not progressing and new health issues aren’t bothering Martyna. We don’t know how long this state is going to last. It’s the result of the whole family’s determination, watching the diet, limiting exertion and advance planning.

There’s a chance to apprehend the illness, slow its development and improve Martyna’s day to day life. The Type 1 diabetes vaccine is an innovative method invented by the scientists form Gdansk University.  Thanks to its administration, the remission period is prolonged and the therapy alleviates the symptoms and slows down the natural course of the disease. The treatment does not rebuild impaired pancreas cells, but it helps to contain the illness up to a few years. As a result, our daughter will be able to be healthier in her adult life and will suffer less from complications. This is an attainable chance for us! The price of one dose is enormous and many doses are required.  We need over 300k zloty! The first administration has been planned for 21 August. We have no time to spare!

Martyna is dreaming about becoming a doctor and devoting her life to helping others.  We’ve always had animals. They were planned to be bought from a breeder initially, but we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of fantastic dogs in a dogs' rescue! We went and fell in love with one of them - he was supposed to be an average size, but now we humorously call him a horse as he is up to our waists. We also have cats we’d found in the streets - ugly, ill and abandoned.  They found love and care in our home, and we’ve learnt to be empathetic and responsible. Helping others is in our blood - now we have to ask for help ourselves. The huge amount we need to collect is a chance for Martyna's normal life, despite her incurable disease.

Martyna has a lot of passion, ideas and ambition.  As parents we are responsible for her well-being. When the opportunity came along to receive the vaccine and contain her illness we decided to do everything to save her.  Please help!

239 297,00 zł ( 68.16% )
Wsparło 1435 osób

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