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Hand surgery at the Paley European Institute

Tymoteusz Jankowski, 4 years

Inowrocław, kujawsko-pomorskie

Congenital malformation syndrome

Started: 05 November 2019
Ends: 01 March 2020

A child is born, a little boy. Family and friends are excited.

For me, it was like a dream come true, my little boy. I had been carrying him under my heart for 9 months. I coudn’t wait to see him, to hold him.

Maternity ward, I am ready for a planned caesarean section. The first cut then - shock and tears.

Will our child be different, disabled for the rest of his life?

Tymoteusz Jankowski

Tymek was born with deformed hands and feet. He hasn’t got many fingers and toes and the ones that he has are conjoined. Tymek wasn’t aware of the fact that his life will be a struggle, he was asleep in his new crib wearing his new rompers and we weren’t able to enjoy this peaceful moment. We knew that no matter what we will love him till the and of our days but love also means responsibility, thinking ahead… These were the thoughts that we weren’t able to get rid of. „How will he live”?

We were as surprised as the doctor who had been providing prenatal care.

He didn’t observe any abnormalities during the ultrasound examinations. He didn’t notice that Tymek’s hands and feet looked different, that something might be wrong.

No one told us that his fingers and toes were not developed. The moment of Tymek’s birth was a mix of excitement, happiness and fear. No one even gave us a chance to prepare for our child’s disability.

Tymek is not able to grab things because he doesn’t have thumbs. We are afraid tat he will not keep up with his peers.

We wanted to help him, to act as fast as possible so that he could have a chance of a normal childhood. We found doctors who were wondering how they could help our son. Tymek has already undergone surgery three times – once for his feet, twice for his hands. Today, we admit that we had wanted something more for our son. We believe that if doctors are not afraid of innovative solutions and they have enough experience, the results can be amazing.

Dr Paley from a Clinic in Florida offers innovative treatment for children from all over the world. If you dig deeply into this subject, you will see that medicine can work wonders. Dr Paley has already presented us his idea of operating on Tymek’s hands. There is a chance to get a pincer grasp by changing the position of Tymek’s little finger so that it works as a thumb.

Tymoteusz Jankowski

Our son attends a nursery school, he plays with other children but some activities are far beyond his capabilities. He tries to cope with difficulties, adjust to reality; therefore he performs a lot of activities in different ways.

A few months on, we have received an estimated budget of our son’s treatment. The amount of money is far beyond our financial possibilities. We cannot afford the surgery in Paley European Institute, which is the last chance for Tymek. Please help our son become an independent adult.

We have been holding on this last hope for a better future for him and we have decided to fight, but we will lose without your support.

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 3 290 people
330 847 zł (101,56%)