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Only urgent treatment in New York will help to escape the cancer!

Tymoteusz Marek
Fundraiser finished

Only urgent treatment in New York will help to escape the cancer!

Fundraiser goal:

Oncology treatment at a clinic in New York - anti-neuroblastoma vaccine

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja KAWAŁEK NIEBA
Tymoteusz Marek, 12 years old
Czerwionka-Leszczyny, śląskie
Nowotwór złośliwy - neuroblastoma przestrzeni zaotrzewnowej
Starts on: 03 December 2021
Ends on: 28 February 2022

Fundraiser description

We try to approach life with gratitude, even though we had to spend so many days and nights with our son within the hospital walls. There, pain, suffering, sadness and tears accompany the children and their parents every day.

Tymek's development was normal, so we went to the four-year-old's checkup not sensing anything wrong. However, the doctor felt a disturbingly hard change in our son's tummy. We were referred for an ultrasound, after which everything went very quickly. The next day, we found ourselves in the pediatric oncology ward in Katowice. The tumor was huge, inoperable, surrounded the aorta and iliac arteries and pressed on the ureter. The biopsy confirmed the diagnosis: neuroblastoma of the retroperitoneal space. Chemotherapy was started immediately.

Tymoteusz Marek

Although our hearts were bursting with despair, we decided to enjoy every moment and make the most of life. After 6 cycles of chemotherapy, an operation was possible. Then 2 more cycles of protective chemotherapy, radiotherapy and retinoid therapy to sustain.

Our freedom and return to relative normality did not last very long. After 8 months we had to return to the ward. A recurrence - lymph nodes around the hip vessels occupied by the cancer. Our world collapsed once again. We were afraid of how Tymek would stand another treatment. Chemotherapy destroyed not only the sick cells, but damaged the entire body. Our son had to fight with nightmarish complications. Despite everything, he won against the disease. He returned to his sisters and friends, went to school and enjoyed life. We hoped that the nightmare of oncology would remain a memory for us.

Tymoteusz Marek

Unfortunately, after three years, the neuroblastoma attacked again! We did not understand why... The uncertainty of what the next day would bring, bitterness and grief became our companions on our journey. Another treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy. The doctors' repeated actions gave the desired remission. Tymek is healthy!

Our great hope for the cure to be permanent is the anti-neuroblastoma vaccine. It is supposed to protect the body against relapse. It is only administered in New York and its costs are horrendously high. We are asking you to help us raise the money which will soon have to be transferred to the New York clinic. Please help us on this journey for the health and life of our son.

Tymek's parents

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