Patients ultrasound for the Pomeranian Hospice for Children

Pomerian Hospice for Childern was founded on the 1 st of April 2008 to help terminally ill children, young andults and their families during their finall journey by providing not only 24/7 paliative care at home but also psychologicall, spiritual and financiall support. Families are also supported in bereavement period. 

Children reffered to our hospice are suffering from genetical or congenital anomalies and  as well as cancer, which leads to their premature death. 

Our patients are at home with their families, all the medical procedures are performed there as much as possible, so for example to take blood sample for further tests our staff are simply travelling. 

Imaging tests are more complex - appointment needs to be made - often at distnat location, child has to be transported - which is not that easy with all the breating aids and monitors, special medical transport has to be ordered and paid for, immune disabled children are being put at risk in public waiting rooms. 

There is a simple yet expensive solution to it - portable ultrasound machine. Thanks to it qualtiy of life of young patients would significantly improve, treatment could be better tailored and diagnosis accuracy would increase without having to put anybody at risk. 

That is why we are asking all the people to support us in buying the device. For our children every day at home without stress is pricless and important, we know the price 15000 EUR, which we cannot afford



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