Tatras Summits for Heart

Joanna JoKo Kowalczyk
organizator skarbonki

Dear all! Less than a year has passed since our last charity action "Let's Bike for The Heart" during which we collected money for a 7 years old boy that needed imidietly a open heart surgery. Now, at the end of the year, I start the second edition named "Running Tatras Summits for The Heart". More details soon, but meanwhile let me introduce little Nell and her heart, that immediately needs a surgery. She is 4 month old and has a rare complex heart defect knows as Tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot is repaired with open-heart surgery but is very expensive.
I invite you to help. Please share and donate! 
Account also here (EUR/USD): http://www.mam-serce.pl/formularz-darczyncy-nela-czuluk-ole…
Thank you on behalf of Nell and her parents!
Heart and ice axes up!


400 zł


na operację Neli - wylicytowany rysunek
100 zł


500 zł


na operację Neli
500 zł

Jacek Grzędzielski

Za płytę Marka Napiórkowskiego
100 zł


100 zł



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