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The dramatic fight for Wiktor's life!

Wiktor Lewicki
Fundraiser finished

The dramatic fight for Wiktor's life!

Fundraiser goal:

Treatment in USA

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja ZOBACZ MNIE
Wiktor Lewicki, 14 years old
Szczecin, zachodniopomorskie
malignant brain tumor
Starts on: 16 April 2021
Ends on: 31 May 2021

Fundraiser result

"Kochani! Dzisiaj, 11 kwietnia 2022 roku, Wiktorek ma urodziny. Kończy 13 lat!

Rok temu w szpitalnej sali z trudem znalazł siłę, aby zdmuchnąć świeczki na urodzinowym torcie. Leczenie w Polsce dobiegało końca. To wtedy postanowiliśmy poruszyć niebo i ziemię, aby Wiktorek mógł żyć. Wkrótce potem dowiedzieliśmy się o Szpitalu Dziecięcym w St. Louis. O nadziei. I o potrzebnych 9 000 000 zł...

A później dzięki Wam wszystkim wydarzył się cud! Wiktor dostał od Was potrzebną kwotę i szansę na życie!

Ten rok był bardzo trudny, pełen bólu, strachu, ale i radości oraz miłości. W imieniu Wiktorka, jego braciszka Sambora i swoim oraz całej naszej rodziny z głębi serc Wam dziękujemy. Za każdą bezcenną minutę tego roku!"

Wiktor Lewicki

Fundraiser description

24/04/2021: We have a critical small amount of time...
We are after a meeting with the neuro oncologists from the St. Louis Children's Hospital, who as the only hospital in the world have a plan how to save our child, Wiktor. We received the cost estimate. Together with the flights and our stay there it is 9.5 million złotych! 
This is not the only bad information... During our meeting it turned out that we have much less time to raise the money because the treatment of our son in the USA must be immediately after the last chemotherapy which he will receive in Poland. We can not allow for a longer break because it can result in a progression of the disease!
The date which the American doctor's appointed froze us. 
Wiktor must be in the hospital before the end of May which means that by the 17th of May we must send all of the money to the hospital!
We have so little time and the amount of money which we must pay, swept us off our feet today when we heard we need 2.2 million dollars for only the treatment. This is how much our child's life costs. 
We can't imagine how in this short amount of time we will raise this huge amount of money. Money, on which our loving son's life depends on.
We beg for your help and support - without you, there is no possibility to save our dear Wikuś. Without you, the only chance we have can disappear.
In order to make it on time, we must raise around 387 thousand złotych EVERYDAY!

Please help this miracle and help make what seems to be impossible... possible. 
We beg you for your help.

Wiktor Lewicki

HELP! Wiktor has malignant brain tumor! We are starting our dramatic fight with time to fight for his life. We have only 2 months to gather around 9,5 million złotych - this is how much treatment in the United States will cost, the treatment which gives as much as a 85% chance to help Wiktor completely cure. If we don't make it in time, the prognosis is predicting the worst... We are asking you with all of our hearts - help us save Wiktor!

Wiktor just turned 12 years old. Before the diagnosis he was a very active boy with plenty of passion, plans, aspirations and dreams for the future. Now everything has changed and there is only one dream - to survive. The battle began in November 2020. During the fall season, our son was sleeping all day and did not have strength for anything. Vomit, headaches and problems with his eyesight quickly came along.

Wiktor Lewicki

At the eye doctor is where we heard the diagnosis which no child or parent should ever have to hear: a brain tumor. Quickly on the next day, the 13th of November Wiktor had a trepanation of the skull. This saved his life. Unfortunately it appeared that the tumor can not be operated on as it is wrapped with a network of veins, vascularized, around the main vein.

On the 18th of November we got a diagnosis: embryonic pineal, neuroblastoma - a very rare, but quickly growing and dangerous brain tumor which is classified by WHO as cancer in stage IV.

Wiktor began his heavy and devastating chemotherapy. Unfortunately we are starting to lose the battle. The 4 planned chemotherapy's made the tumor smaller yet not enough for an operation to take place. Radiotherapy at this point is also dangerous because the tumor can start to spread all over the body!

Wiktor Lewicki

The prognosis was tragic which is why together with the doctors we decided on 2 additional chemotherapy cycles. The first has just begun. Our son is not taking it well.

In all of these dramatic events there is hope! There is only one place in the whole world where Wiktor can be saved - St. Louis Children's hospital in the United States of America. The doctors at St. Louis have worked out a treatment which according to medical publications can give 85% chance for a complete recovery!

The therapy relies on serving stem cells from the medulla. While the chemotherapy is destroying the whole organism, the cells are able to rebuild. The process is repeated up to three times.

Wiktor Lewicki

This is a method which is used only among children. No adult would survive - only a child has a strong organism which can go through the treatment. At the end of the treatment, the organism is reset and completely cleaned. After the treatment, the child must retake all vaccinations which were taken before since birth.

Medicine provides us with this huge chance. Currently in Poland we are waiting for the next chemo treatment and are still in high hope that doctors will be able to operate it in Poland. This gives us an ever bigger chance at succeeding the therapy in The United States.

The cost of the therapy in St. Louis Children Hospital is around 8 000 000 złotych. We are waiting for the specific valuation of the coasts. Please, help us! We still deeply believe that Wiktor will be a survivor just as many children who had the chance to survive thanks to the treatment in the hospital in the USA.

Beata, Wiktor's mom.

Wiktor Lewicki

Wiktor personally would like to ask for your help:

" I am scared that I will die, although I could live. I do not know if it will ever be normal for me again, if I have another Christmas to look forward to or if my brother who is only 3 years old and really loves me will even remember me. I love my brother. I love my mom and my dad, my life, my school... You can help me live. Each person can help and that is what I am really asking you to help, please."

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