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Let's save Julia's life!

Julka Nasiłowska
Campaign finished

Let's save Julia's life!

409 310,01 zł
Donated by 6542 people
Campaign goal:

treatment and rehabilitation

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Julka Nasiłowska, 12 years
Warszawa, mazowieckie
Brain tumour
Starts at: 24 September 2021
Ends at: 22 October 2021

Campaign description

When my only daughter Julia was diagnosed with cancer, my world fell apart. The fourth stage of Medulloblastoma. Brain tumour! Our plans and dreams disappeared. We were devastated, scared stiff.

But there’s hope! We fight and ask you for help.

Julia was born prematurely 12 years ago. Everything was perfect. She lived a normal life.

A nightmare has started this year on 15th August a few days after Julia’s 12th birthday. We went for a walk. She fell over a few times. The next day we went to see a doctor. Two days later Julka had a serious surgery to resect most of the tumour. Things happened very fast. We’re terrified. Every day we wake up, we believe it was a bad dream or a terrible mistake. But it’s the dreadful truth...

Julka Nasiłowska

Julia has lost her hair after the first chemotherapy, but she got used to it. She wants to recover and get back to normal, to her friends, school, ordinary teenage life.

Our enemy is Medulloblastoma. The tumour was located next to the cerebellum. It was the size of a woman’s fist. It was cut out on 18th August. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get rid of the whole tumour due to its critical location. That’s why we are waiting for the proton therapy. We can’t have it in Poland. It’s available in Essen, Germany. 

Proton therapy uses protons to treat cancer. At high energy, they can destroy cancer cells without damaging nearby healthy tissues and causing side effects. It’s Julia’s only hope to get well. We have to raise money fast, because the treatment is planned by the end of October.

Julka Nasiłowska

Now Julia is in the hospital undergoing the second chemotherapy. She can’t speak or walk because of the major brain surgery she underwent. She requires intensive post-op rehabilitation to improve her condition. Unfortunately the whole process is very expensive. 

We don’t give up. We fight. I ask you for help. Your donation makes a huge difference to my little daughter. We strongly believe in Julia’s recovery and joyful future. It is possible.

Please, make a difference. Donate. 

Julia’s Mom

409 310,01 zł
Donated by 6542 people

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