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My days are numbered due to a brain tumour. Please, help me survive!

Mariusz Domański

My days are numbered due to a brain tumour. Please, help me survive!

Fundraiser goal:


Fundraiser organiser: Fundacja KAWAŁEK NIEBA
Mariusz Domański, 47 years old
Dominów, lubelskie
Guz mózgu - glejak IV stopnia
Starts on: 24 October 2019
Ends on: 23 July 2020

Fundraiser description

It's been around half a year since I recieved my diagnosis. From then on, my life and that of my family has been a horrible rollercoaster. 

Fighting this invisible enemy, who is trying to take away all of my energy is not easy. Then, there is the thought that I may not see my children grow up.

Glioblastoma is generally a death sentance however, I am not about to give up without a fight. To have any chance of winning, I need a helping hand!

Mariusz Domański

Mariusz: It all started with a few headaches, then came the fainting which, was a sign for me and my family that something may be wrong. I thought maybe I was just fatigued but as it continued I decided to visit my local hospital for some tests. Then came the suspicion that it may be a tumour. As you cam imagine this came as a major shock.

Thanks to the fast reaction by my doctors, I am still alive. My first operation was in the last days of May. The operation was a success, the tumour was completely removed. I breathed a sigh of relief. I had no idea that this was just the beginning. It was only after two weeks that I recieved my new and complete diagnosis; Glioblastoma Multiforme, Grade IV which is the most aggresive. I then realized that the first battle was won but many more were still to come.

Mariusz's Wife: My husband was always full of energy. As a family, we made a wonderful team that could get through the toughest of times. Nonetheless, this situation is a big test for our family. Before all of this I thought nothing could hurt us, life was good but this changed all too quickly. During my husbands operation all that was going through my head was 'you have to save him'. I didn't allow the thought that something could go wrong.

Mariusz Domański

Mariusz: When I left the hospital, I knew I had to search for alternative methods to save my own life. I also knew my life would never be the same. The chemotherapy quickly drained me of all my energy and ruined my liver. I didn't have any time to lose, there had to be something else I could try. I didn't want my family to see me this way, I wanted to live!

I have so many dreams and plans to fulfil. Most importantly to spend as much time with my children as possible.

Ofcourse alternative treatment methods are costly. Undergoing treatment in a clinic in Cologne, Germany could slow down the process in which the tumour regrows. It's all a time bomb. German doctors are optimistic that not all hope is lost. For me it is a winning lottery ticket which, ofcourse, comes at a price. In my case 300,000 Polish Zloty (approx. €70,500) is what I have to pay for my life. I humbly ask for your help, to give me a chance to live on and beat this!

What scares me the most is not death, but my children watching all my energy disappear and me slip away. I don't want them to see me unable to move, to take a sip of water and that I will be unable to tell them how much I love them.

For me and my family, we now see beyond the little things and acknowledge the true value of life itself.

All that I can hope for now is that the tumour doesn't grow too rapidly and I make it to the treatment. All I cam say for certain is I will never take a day for granted every again!

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