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The last chance fight against a brain tumor!

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
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Immunotherapy in Germany

Norbert Drążkiewicz, 40 years

Lublin-Janowice, lubelskie

Nowotwór złośliwy mózgu - Glejak gwieździak anaplastyczny III stopnia

Started: 27 December 2019
Ends: 21 July 2020

Life treated him harsh. Our meeting changed everything. We have created a home and family fulfilled with happiness. And suddenly a crack appeared on the glass and everything was shattered into pieces. Every day became full of fear and a sound of a ringing phone made my blood to freeze in my veins. Just because any of them could mean the worst...

I thought that the moment we met brought the biggest surprise of my life. Several years passed, and I became convinced that nothing could be certain. For a professional driver's wife every trip created a potential risk. I was always relieved to see him coming back home. I admired his passion for work and the fact that he achieved everything in his life with his own hands. Always independent, determined, he never stopped thinking what else he could do.

Norbert Drążkiewicz

That phone call has changed our lives completely. I have learned that there was an accident. On his usual haulage trip Norbert had anepilepsy attack. The lorry hit the safety barriers and went on fire. Everyone said it was a miracle that he survived with minor injuries only. However, that was only an  herald to what is yet to come. Prelude to the storm in life. Staying in the hospital, further tests, visits of medical specialists. We had the impression that time stood still when the doctors were trying to find the cause of the attack. At first, little was said. And one day, the doctor handed us a single sheet of paper and left. And there the death sentence was printed. Information that Norbert carries a ticking bomb in his head knocked us down. We read it over and over again. To a person knowing nothing about medicine it is like writing in a different language. The first information found on Internet made us dumbstruck. A glioma spread to such an extent means certain death, some said. At the moment, the world came to a halt to us.

Coming home meant only one thing: seeking help. In Poland, we have received information that therapy can alleviate symptoms, but will not overcome the disease. Norbert agreed to it without hesitation. When I watched him reading the diagnosis, I knew that he would do anything to live on.

Norbert Drążkiewicz

We were on the verge of resignation waiting for another visit to the oncology clinic. It was there that we met someone who gave us hope. We have learned about the possibility of undergoing immunotherapy in Germany. Therapy that gives a real chance for life! Therapy which can beat the disease, which for many doctors is a harbinger of death. We have learned that Norbert can be treated, but examinations are necessary and payments are required. The total amount for that treatment can reach up to 700 thousand zloty. An amount we do not have and we are not able to gather. The start of the treatment is scheduled for mid or end of February. We have a month to collect an enormous amount. The amount that can save life of my child’s father! I am begging you for help!

Every single day our son waits for a phone call and impatiently stares through the window in the hope to see his beloved dad coming home.

Norbert and I understand that one have to wait, but how to explain it to the little boy for whom his dad is the center of the universe?

That is why I am asking you to help me save him! We have engaged the whole family, but this is not enough…

It is not too late to save life, but the condition may get worse at any time. I do not know what fate awaits us, I do not know what is our future. I know that we need to focus on here and now; Norbert's health is something that I devote all my strength to. But It is not enough and if you do not give us a helping hand all efforts will be vain. After all the efforts and all what we have achieved so far on our long path.

Norbert's wife, Patrycja 

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 14,855 people
790,572 zł (94.88%)