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What would you think about if you had brain cancer?

Kamil Nowosielski

What would you think about if you had brain cancer?

269 399,22 zł ( 17.84% )
Wsparły 17864 osoby

Terapia genowa w Houston w USA

Kamil Nowosielski
Lubań, dolnośląskie
Złośliwy nowotwór mózgu (glejak II stopnia)
Starts at: 15 October 2013
Ends at: 01 August 2017


11 grudnia 2017 roku [*]


Kamil thinks about going back home for the holiday. The question is: which one? The one that the tumor allows. It's called glioma and it’s sitting in Kamil’s, my brother’s brain. We call him a monster, a horrible abomination, which spreads throughout his brain. It is difficult to cut out and as it is a malignant tumor, operations do not help much. We know it because Kamil has already been submitted to two of them. And the tumor has returned, bigger and more dangerous. The second surgery was like a red rag to a bull, and radical radiotherapy, which was supposed to help in the fight against the disease, only worsened Kamil’s condition. There was a stroke and the cancer settled in Kamil’s head for good, reaching a size of 7 x 7 cm!

Kamil Nowosielski

Everything started with a headache. It would seem nothing serious, just an analgesic pill and it will pass. It didn’t pass. Exams indicated glioma. It was May 2012, the end of Kamil’s studies, a dream job in court – a perfect start to an adult life. The illness caused that Kamil had to change his suit for hospital pajamas, and writing his thesis for sending countless emails asking for consultation. When treatment options were exhausted in Poland, we started looking abroad. Our goal was only one: to get rid of the tumor. Not only to cure it, but to heal. ¼ of Kamil’s brain was occupied by the tumor and it was like a ticking time bomb. In Poland there was no hope any longer. The final “sentence” was suspended for a few years. There was no time to lose. Glioblastomas grow back quickly, and, as they are resistant to treatment, wreak destruction in the brain. We were looking for help where we could: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium - all for nothing, there was no new hope. I only heard: “Why are you dragging your brother to consultations in this condition?” Was I supposed to give up and let him die peacefully? Never!

I decided to prove that nothing is impossible... After a long search we found a Houston clinic which has achieved multiple victories in treating glioblastoma. Kamil was selected for treatment by gene therapy. The only thing that stopped us from packing up and flying across the ocean was costs: PLN 600 000 for a two-year treatment. We were collecting necessary funds for the next six months. It was slow but the amount to collect was astronomic, too. When we had finally collected PLN 200 000, we decided that there is nothing to wait for - we're going to Houston! And that was the best decision we could have taken then. If Kamil had stayed in Poland a bit more, he wouldn’t have survived the next few months...

Kamil Nowosielski

 We have been in the clinic since August 24. After 5 weeks of treatment with antineoplastons we received images of Kamil’s brain… The tumor has decreased by 34%. The therapy works, and it works excellent! If this rate of getting rid of the tumor is maintained, Kamil will return to Poland sooner than it was planned. We were aware that the therapy might not work, but it was a last resort. And it works, it destroys the damn tumor!

Please, help us continue the fight against glioblastoma. Kamil has come a long way to be in the place where he is now. Returning to Poland, where there is no chance for recovery will be the biggest failure. The costs are enormous, and additional drugs may increase them. We would like to collect at least a part of the amount necessary to continue Kamil’s gene therapy treatment. Please, be with us in this difficult but giving hope of recovery time. We need it a lot.

Daniel, Kamil’s brother

Kamil Nowosielski

Update: December 5. During a subsequent study it was found that after 5 months of treatment, the tumor had decreased by 45%. The treatment is working! Keep your fingers crossed for Kamil so that the next months’ treatment completely destroys the intruder and Kamil is able to return home to his life interrupted by the disease.

May 15, 2014: The tumor is smaller by approx. 49% of the initial state at the beginning of treatment, but most importantly – it’s constantly losing its activity, which means that the treatment is working.

 "Dear Friends, more than 8 months of treatment is behind us, but to sing victory we need to spend overseas many months more. Without your support we wouldn’t be here and only thanks to you we are able to think about the happy ending to our story. I’m asking with all my heart for your support for Kamil, who is the bravest man under the sun to us."

January 2, 2015: Kamil’s treatment costs on average $ 7,000 per month. This is the cost of the first stage of treatment, which should be completed in a few months. Then Kamil will probably start the next stage, which can cost PLN 600 000 or even 800 000. The problem with gliomas is that the treatment is dynamic and it’s a match to results. Until now they were able to reduce the tumor by slightly more than 50% and reduce its aggressive activity. They created a good base for further treatment, which consists of at least two stages. So far, we have spent more than PLN 350 000 and the entire treatment can cost more than PLN 1 million. That is why all the methods of obtaining funds for the treatment are so important to us. Glioma, which was only partially healed, can kill within a few, a few dozen days. This is how the situation can turn around.

269 399,22 zł ( 17.84% )
Wsparły 17864 osoby

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