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Sepsis has almost killed him… We need you to help our injured boy, Kuba!

Jakub Kolek
Campaign finished

Sepsis has almost killed him… We need you to help our injured boy, Kuba!

Campaign goal:

Operacja w Paley European Institute

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Jakub Kolek, 7 years
Condition after sepsis infection - necrotic changes in the legs
Starts on: 02 December 2021
Ends at: 02 March 2022

Previous campaigns:

Jakub Kolek
217 026,00 zł ( 100% )
4837 donors
26.11.2019 - 16.03.2020

Surgery at the Paley European Institute.

217 026,00 zł ( 100% )

Surgery at the Paley European Institute.

Campaign result


Moje podziękowania kieruję do niezliczonej ilości osób o cudownych sercach. Do ludzi, którzy nie pozostali obojętni na sytuację, w której się znaleźliśmy.

Jakub Kolek

Kochani Darczyńcy, pragniemy wszystkim serdecznie podziękować w imieniu swoim własnym, a przede wszystkim Kubusia, za okazaną bezinteresowną pomoc i życzliwość. O wiele łatwiej jest żyć i nie tracić nadziei na lepsze jutro, mając świadomość, że są wśród nas ludzie o wielkim sercu.

Wasza moc pomagania jest ogromna. Dzięki niej Kubuś przeszedł już operacje rączek i nóżek. Dziękuję za uratowanie mojego synka przed zagrożeniem, do jakiego mogło dojść – zapaleniem szpiku kostnego.

Jestem Wam ogromnie wdzięczna. Dziękujemy Wam! Niech Błogosławieństwa płyną do Was za Waszą pomoc!

Mama Karina i Kubuś

Campaign description

Terrible wounds on his hands and feet, mutilations that made him disabled - all because of sepsis. The disease came from nowhere, suddenly taking away our happiness. We thought that it would take our son from us .. Kuba was only 18 months old and suffering so badly. He survived; he is with us still! Unfortunately, cruel injuries took away his dexterity. Our son has had part of his foot amputated. We ask for help, because only one doctor in the world can give him a chance for a normal life ...

Kuba's condition deteriorated second by second. He was hospitalized in critical condition, only his heart was still beating ... They said that it was not known whether he would survive. They gave no guarantee, but we prayed. Fortunately, God gave our son one more life!

Jakub Kolek

Kuba had enough strength to overcome everything. However, it turned out that this is not the end of our fight ... Sepsis gave him necrotic changes on the legs and hands. The fingers could not be saved ... The left foot suffered the most - there is the largest tissue defect. In the place where the heel was once, now the bone protrudes. Kuba cannot walk because of it ...

In June of last year, my son underwent bone shortening surgery. Several months have passed, the bone has grown, Kuba is having problems with walking again. It hurts so much ... I see a son who suffers so much. He doesn't understand that he was very sick, that he is now disabled. He would only like to be like other children ...

Jakub Kolek

I’m also afraid that continuous shortening of the bones will make Kuba even more seriously disabled ... Unfortunately, the doctors taking care of my son are not able to help... Recently, however, hope reappeared!

Kuba can live like a healthy child, walk normally! Doctor Paley, a world-famous American orthopaedist, specializes in treating such rare, severe defects that my son has. Recently, this type of operation was conducted only in the USA. Today it also operates in Poland!

We have recently been to consultations. After hearing Kuba’s case, the doctor assured me that my son would have both legs 100% functional! However, for this to happen, he needs to have a foot surgery, and this operation comes at a high cost. It's money we don't have, and we can't get easily...

Jakub Kolek

Kuba’s surgery is scheduled for April this year. It will be a reconstruction of the right and left legs - transfer of tibial tendons and fixation of the inner calcaneus in both legs. The cost of such an operation is over 300 thousand zlotys ... This is a huge amount, but if the operation was to take place in the U.S, it would be even greater! It doesn't change the fact that we can't afford it ... It is very hard for us to look our son in the eye and he can’t have surgery, because we aren’t rich. We can't ... We had to try everything, so we decided to ask for help, believing in a miracle ...

Kuba is my ray of sunshine on even the worst days. There is nothing more beautiful for us than his smile. The more that we are aware that he might not be with us today ... Sepsis cruelly mutilated him, took the chance for a normal life, sentenced to disability. This, however, can be fixed! Please, help Kuba undergo surgery, which is his only hope.

Karina, Kuba’s mom.

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