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Dramatic fight for little Laura!

Laura Paczuła
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

Gene therapy in fight against SMA

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Laura Paczuła, 4 years old
warszawa, mazowieckie
SMA2 - Spinal muscular atrophy
Starts on: 29 September 2020
Ends on: 05 April 2021

Fundraiser result

Kto pomyślał na początku zbiórki: To może się udać?
Pamiętam, ten wzrok ludzi, jak mówiliśmy że zbieramy 9 milionów.
Nie wiedzieli czy się przesłyszeli czy to jednak my jesteśmy szelni.
Sami z niedowierzaniem wymawialismy tą sumę, z zaciśniętym gardłem na pół wdechu.

Cała paleta emocji towarzyszyła nam przez ten czas
Od złosci, rozpaczy, smutku, bezsilności, strachu do nadziei I radości.

23 kwietnia 2021 roku spełniło się nasze marzenie - Laura otrzymała terapię genową. 

Laura Paczuła

Dzięki Wam rozpoczęliśmy nowy etap. Podarowaliście nam nadzieję i szansę na ratunek. Jeszcze raz dziękujemy za każdy gest! 


Fundraiser description


I and my husband are both doctors who graduated from medicine a short time ago. We are usually the ones to serve and help other people , but today we are asking for help for our only daughter. Despite all the years of studies and all the exams we had to take in order to become doctors we are helpless like our precious daughter. Laura is only 17  months old and has just been diagnosed with SMA.

Laura Paczuła

Our most precious daughter to us needs the most expensive drug in the world. Gene therapy is the drug that gives HOPE  to our Laura. Not only can this drug stop the disease from progressing, but it can bring back  already lost movement functions as well. In order for this drug to work and be safe it needs to be given up to 24 months of baby’s life, which leaves our daughter with only few months. The clock is ticking and we’re fighting with time. We’re fighting for Laura! Every single day does damage to her condition and wreaks havoc on her nervous system . With every day we’re getting closer to more dramatic stages of this debilitating disease. If we don’t help now… our Laura will stop moving her hands, she won’t be strong enough to turn on her side, and last but not least  she will be at the mercy of 24/7  life sustaining machines, ventilators until … she won’t be able to breathe at all.

We don’t want to and we simply cannot let it be. We have just few months to give her a chance  for a new life.  This Hope costs 9 million PLN. If we had this amount of money, we would never dare to ask for help. We prefer  helping instead of asking , but today we are left with no choice. 

Therapy costs only and at the same time shocking 9 million PLN . “Shocking” because it is a huge amount of money. “Only” as it is enough for 9 million people of great and big hearts to come together and donate 1 zl each. Today we are asking  you to help us and make this donation and share the story of Laura to and pass it on.

Laura Paczuła

The thought that you cannot help your child is terrifying. And what makes it even worse is the thought that as a doctor  there’s nothing you can do , just wait and see your only child wither away, and it’s killing us.  That’s why we are asking for help. We are beginning for every single 1 zl, sharing this link, donating things for auctions, and any other help you can offer is highly appreciated and welcome. We will be truly grateful for your company and help in this difficult fight with time for Laura’s life.

Let’s save Laura and give her HOPE. HOPE,  that there are 9 million  people with big and loving hearts.

Thank You


This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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