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Magdalena Dias
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Sometimes In the evening when everybody in my home is asleep, I have few minutes to check my e-mail, Facebook or check ebay..... Bla bla bla, but last night something different caught my attention for longer than only few minutes. It was a story about a 7 years old girl Zuzia who has Epidermilysis Bullosa, awful illness, I had never heard about it until last night "...Epidermolysis Bullosa is an inherited connective tissue disease causing blisters in the skin. The disease is incurable, lasting until the end of life. It causes wounds and blisters all over the body, including eyes, esophagus, intestines – everywhere. The wounds don’t heal for several years". " She was born and it already hurt. Not a hand or a leg but everything." I can't believe how she has suffered since she was born. This touched me deeply and I had the feeling that I need to help this little angel to carry on her life but without pain. I found the organisation which is currently looking after her cause, the website is allelujah the website has an English version too, please check the link and look on Zuzia profile you will be surprised how brave this little girl is. Please also open the link below, unfortunately it is in polish only, but it is worth seeing how difficult life is for this family :

At the moment parents are collecting money for a treatment in USA which cost almost £1,000000, God this is a lot of money. They sold almost everything they have and they are now living in a rented flat. They still have a lot of money to collect , I decided I will help them as much as I can, that's why I am asking you my friends and friends of friends, to donate as much as you can, as much as you could make selfless gift for others. The fact that you are helping someone will make you feel amazing. I know something about it, I made first step and paid on zuzia' account and I felt I wanted to do even more so I opened my own money box for Zuzia via the foundation "siepomaga" . I hope we can together collect much more money. So please donate as much as you can for Zuzia.

I just found one more link, there  you can get to know more Zuzia and her Parents:

Big, big thanks..........


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Magdalena Dias

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