Unsuccessful surgeries ruined her mobility - help us repair her legs!

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Hip surgery at the Paley European Institute

Lena Stępień, 5 years

Gdynia, pomorskie

CFD - Congenital Femoral Deficiency, DDH - Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Started: 04 October 2019
Ends: 01 January 2020

The first steps taken by a child are a great joy for every parent. Our memories of this period are hidden tears, fear and uncertainty. One cannot be happy to see your child limping, unbalanced move, to see the pain associated with movement. Or hear more and more often the questions' Mom, why I cannot do things, like other children (...).
There is this saying that you can't buy health.. but the green bar that you see and the huge amount on it is our chance to start the path to regain the health and dexterity of our child.

Lena Stępień

As a result of an incorrect diagnosis at birth and further incorrect treatment, which lasted up to this year, Lena became a disabled child. Now we know that her condition could be cured with one surgery at the age of 1.5 - 2 years - unfortunately we were not given such chance at that time.
The hope to stop the processes, that aggravate her condition and limits Lena's capabilities each month, came from Dr. Paley during a consultation in September this year. Dr. Paley with his team presented us a treatment plan that in the perspective of several years and two surgeries gives Lena a chance to return to full mobility and activity - so natural for most children and so distant for us.
Time is against us - due to her age - when the surgery can be performed. We do not have time also because the costs of the first treatment must be paid at the latest at the beginning of December. Delay or discontinuation of treatment now is the perspective of even more difficult surgery in the future or the occurrence of irreversible changes.

Lena StępieńFor over four years, each day is a challenge, we do try for her our best so she feel her disability as little as possible - we rehabilitate, support together with teachers in kindergarten, create opportunities for fun and activity, despite the restrictions. Lena can lose it all if we don't do the surgery now.
The planned surgery will be very complicated, including a total of several procedures covering the hip, pelvis, femur as well as muscles, tendons and nerves. We do not take 'if' under consideration so after the successful procedure in few years an extension of her shorter leg will have to be done. After this stage of treatment, Lena should regain stability when walking and basic activities won't be an issue.

Lena Stępień

We are not able to turn back time, remove trauma from her memory and we can't remove marks on her body left by previous unsuccessful surgeries. The treatment gives her hope for a better future and for us parents that at least part of her childhood will be completely normal.
Help, please - although it is not easy to ask. Our dream is to see Lena in a few years running with her younger sister, whom we recently welcomed to the world.
We thank you for all, even the smallest help - thank you very much!

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 2,644 people
263,743.96 zł (101.66%)