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Orysia Krajniak
Fundraiser finished


Fundraiser goal:

Specialistic Treatment for Artrogriposis in Barcelona

Fundraiser organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Orysia Krajniak, 7 years old
Artrogriposis, Larsen Syndrome
Starts on: 10 December 2020
Ends on: 02 August 2021

Fundraiser result


dziękujemy Wam z całego serca, że pomogliście zebrać potrzebne środki na leczenie Orysi w Barcelonie.

Orysia Krajniak

Aktualnie (9 sierpnia 2021) dziewczynka jest po 3 operacjach kręgosłupa. Czuje się już bardzo dobrze. Mieszkają z mamą poza szpitalem, ale codziennie dojeżdżają na rehabilitację.
Orysia dostała swój własny wózek. Całkowicie elektryczny i dopasowany do małej dziewczynki. Nauczyła się już nim sterować i teraz trudno ją dogonić

Przed Orysią jeszcze dalsze leczenie, operacja nóżki, gips, ortezy, rehabilitacje... Ale wierzymy, że będzie dobrze. I zawsze będziemy wspierać i dopingować. Jej siła i wola walki są naprawdę niesamowite!

Orysia Krajniak

Odprowadzaliśmy do Barcelony dziewczynkę, która ledwo żyła. Skrzywiona, przykurczona, bladą i bardzo smutną. Teraz widzimy ją dumnie wyprostowaną i roześmianą. Dla takich chwil warto! Wszystko warto!

Fundraiser description

I’m appealing to all of you people with big hearts … Look at the tiny helpless girl and help put an end to her suffering. Orysia needs you!

Looking at the pictures of our daughter you don’t have to write much about sadness, suffering, pain, as you can see it in the pictures straight way. 

Orysia Krajniak

We have kept asking ourselves ‘why her’, ‘why us’? When the illness reaches her chest, Orysia is going to die in huge pain in front of our eyes. We have to fight for her and BEG YOU and beg lots of people we have never met to help us to save the health and life of our daughter. 

We knew that our daughter was going to suffer while I was pregnant, so we prepared ourselves for it, we were ready to start all possible treatments immediately. Unfortunately, after birth it became clear that Orysia suffers additional complications, which we had no idea about. She had deformed feet, dislocated knees, and cramped hands that did not allow the shoulders to relax. 

We heard the diagnosis some days later, and it turned our world upside down – arthrogriposis. First months of her life, Orysia’s legs were in a cast, but it didn’t help. When we kept asking about the next stage of treatments, the doctors couldn’t give us any definite answers. During the first 5 years of her life, Orysia had 6 leg surgeries. We were so happy when she managed to take her first steps, but…. It didn’t last long.

Orysia Krajniak

Her health deteriorated and worried us a lot. High temperature was not a good sign. She got bronchitis, and soon after pneumonia. It was then that the doctors decided to do an MRI scan and found out that Orysia has a curved vertebrae of the spine, none of the doctors spotted it before.

Orysia Krajniak

Today our daughter is only able to lie down, she got infant legs, her hands are getting weaker and weaker. If we don’t start the specialist treatment immediately, she may never be able to get up again. We cannot let this happen. In Ukraine, there is no chance for us any more, but one hospital in Spain, in Barcelona, has agreed to do the surgery and treatments required. The costs are huge, there is no way we could get anything close to it. We BEG you to help us, to help our daughter, we are so scared for her. 


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