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Young mum has a brain tumor! Let's save Paulina's life!

Paulina Wojciechowska
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:


Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Paulina Wojciechowska, 29 years old
brain tumor
Starts on: 04 August 2020
Ends on: 09 September 2020

Fundraiser description

Frequent headaches were no good, I suffered from migraines, but never had any doctor referred me to a proper examination.  Finally, the day came when the pain was unbearable, I went to the hospital, and when I got out of it, nothing was like it was just a moment ago.  The research left no illusions, it's a brain tumor. 

At that moment, my world collapsed.  There were a lot of questions, what's next, what will happen with my children, they are still little boys?  If they lose their mom, who will take care of them as well as me?  This uncertainty has been with me until now ...

Paulina Wojciechowska

I was immediately referred to a neurosurgical clinic where further tests were done.  After a month I heard it was probably optic junction glioma.  Two months were allowed to see if the tumor was growing and if it was malignant.  The biopsy was impossible to perform as I was in danger of losing my eyesight.  The tumor was growing ...

The only thing I have felt since May 9, from the day of diagnosis, is fear, fear that I will lose my sight and never see my boys.  Fear that I will not be present in their lives ...

Protonotherapy is my chance.  I already know that these will be enormous costs that I cannot bear on my own. 

Please help me to live for myself and for my children!

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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