With help to Magda !

Aneta Włodarczyk
organizator skarbonki


I just read a story of this young women and i am shocked. She was diagnosed with cancer.. She is so young, almost my age and i decided to help her. Magda is standing on the border of life and death. The sad true is that the only one help for her are money, big money for medicament: 400.000zl (mean 100.000€). She has all life in front of her. Let us not pick her dreams.

Good heart people, please support fundraising for regain of Magda's health. It doesn't matter how many you can give, it can be 1 or 2 €, more important is that was us as much as possible!!!

Together we can do everything !!!

Each of your payment is 100% allocated to the Magda treatment and will be made public at the bottom of the page right after your payment.

Thank You in advance <3


10 zł


10 zł

Aneta Włodarczyk

Rozpoczynam zbiorke, Madziu trzymam za Ciebie kciuki !!!
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