IG for Movember PL2020

Fundacja Kapitan Światełko
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Another year we're happy to see you involved in our Movember Polska campaign. We're here to talk about men's health and prevent guys from dying to young.

Did you know that in Poland:

- testicular cancer snatches away one man every 40 hours?

- prostate cancer ends lives of 13 men a day?

- 12 man a day take their own life?

Help us build the biggest campaing in Poland that helps men find help and learn how to ask for it, no matter the problems they are facing.

We're happy to work together again and we want to see you nad your friends on November 7th in Galeria Bronowice for testicular cancer screening day!

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Merry Christmas to all the amazing Movember crew! Glad to contribute as usual. Keep going with the amazing job you're doing.
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