Roos & Koalas for Filip

Anna Christensen
organizator skarbonki

Hi everyone,

I decided to create this fundraiser because I feel absolutely helpless thinking that Filip could actually be my little Hugo (1 year old).

Why Filip?

He is a beautiful boy with amazing parents who was diagnosed with brain cancer 8 CENTIMETRES BIG!

Polish doctors left them with no hopes saying the boy will die by the age of 5... can you imagine hearing this sentence about your own child?!?!

2 years old is not time to die!

Filip's parents found a clinic in USA that provides successful treatments for children with brain cancer but it's going to cost $2,150 000 AUD!

Polish government doesn't cover such treatments and parents are left alone with it.

I try to reguraly support fundrisers like this and usually they are successful because Polish people are aware of Polish health care issue.

However, this fundriserhave only just recently started and the bloody Coronavirus was already around.

Poland is not a rich country, with no support for the economy people count every $$ and can't help anymore.

This fundraiser has been going very slow and with USD getting stronger the price gets ever bigger.

I've never done it before but I want to get involved and seek help here in Australia where we haven't been very harmed yet.

Please spare your morning coffee ☕️☕️ $5 ( that would be 13 PLN - the fundriser is in Polish currency.


If you're from Sydney, my husband bakes an amazing bread, please contact me and I will deliver a loaf to your doors for $10 AUD donation.

If you would like to donate more ($100)+ I'm a LinkedIn Marketing specialist and happy to consult your business at no cost!

One more time, please help me safe this innocent life!


Anna Christensen


200 zł


2 zł

Babcia Ania

1,54 zł


30 zł

Anna Bazyluk

30 zł

Basia S

10 zł

Karolina Sosnowska

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