Marynia's heart stops beating! Urgent surgery needed❗️

Tomek Szpakowski
organizator skarbonki

Marynia's dying heart is trying to win the fight against time. Marysia, although anonymous to the world, is the whole world to us. She is our hope and our future. Our whole world, our everything, our little daughter is dying. We are begging for help, because there is still hope! Unfortunately, the cost of surgery in Geneva is enormous. And this is the only chance for Marynia to live.

From her first breath, our daughter had to fight an extremely unfair battle. She was born with critical heart defects: an extremely rare transposition of large vessels along with atrial inversions, overgrown blood outflow from her heart to her lungs, and a very large defect in her interventricular septum, mesocardia. Furthermore, her organs were wrongly arranged. Her serious heart condition already appeared during our pregnancy.

While other mothers were joyfully planning for their newborn children, we were praying that we would be able to meet Marynia, hoping that she would make it. That we could tell her how much we were waiting for her, that we would be able to hug her, to make her feel loved. Just for a moment.

One of the prenatal cardiologists said that it was very difficult to talk about the prognosis, as it is such a rare and complicated disease. He invited a psychologist to talk to us. He suggested to try to enjoy the pregnancy as much as we could, to create good memories for when our daughter was gone.

After Marysia was born, she was immediately taken and put on medication that was supposed to keep her alive until the surgery could be performed. Without this drug, Marysia would have suffocated right in front of our eyes. After they performed the so-called B-T anastomosis, it did not correct the defect of her heart. It just bought her some time and it is quickly running out!

Cardiologists have told us many times that the only solution for Marysia is a single-chamber heart, which is still a very serious condition and does not solve the problem. For the rest of her life she would have many complications and this would severely shorten her life expectancy. And luckily, Marysia has two very well-working chambers!

Unfortunately, treatment of such a complicated heart condition in our country is not possible. Our daughter could be with us, and breathe, but her future was uncertain. So we started looking for help outside of Poland. We would go anywhere, even to the end of the world - just to save our child!

Doctor Tornike Sologashvili from the hospital in Geneva, Switzerland – a specialist in extremely difficult heart conditions, decided to perform the surgery on our daughter's heart. Not only will they keep the two-chamber heart, but also complete the correction of the defect using the anatomical double switch method! Marysia can be healthy, live a normal life, have a happy childhood, and be with us!

This surgery is so rare that they only perform a few of these procedures per year. Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform it in Poland. We need an experienced specialist for it and we have found one! Unfortunately, in the eyes of the system, Marynia's life is not priceless. We need to pay a lot for the surgery, and all by ourselves.

In order for her to live, and to enjoy her childhood, Marynia must undergo another surgery as soon as possible. Her condition is getting worse and worse, day-by-day, and her oxygen saturation drops as low as 60%! Healthy babies have a saturation of 100%.

Unfortunately, we need to pay for the surgery out of our own pocket, which is a lot of money that we simply do not have. For Marynia to live, she must undergo the surgery as soon as possible. Even though this is very difficult for us to do, we decided to ask for your help – people with great hearts. With you, we hope to save Marynia's life.

We are begging for help and support! We only have one dream – to hear "mom" and "dad". We want to tell her how much we love her, how proud we are of her. We just want to watch her grow up, to be her parents.


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