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Agnes Kar
organizator skarbonki

URGENT ‼ ️ Nikoś is our cousin's son who urgently needs help. Three days after his birth, his parents heard the worst news a parent could get. Nikos is terminally ill, and their enemy is SMA TYPE 1, the most aggressive stage. Instead of developing and gaining strength, Nikos muscles did exactly the opposite. The fight has begun. A chance to help is gene therapy, which has recently became available in Poland - in Lublin. The price of the treatment is colossal, as it is up to $ 3 million dollars. And here we are asking you for support‼ ️ USA Helps Nikos Win with SMA is a group on Facebook 338/?ref=share        where you can bid and auction items. All the money collected will be used to treat Nikos. Thank you with all my heart. Together, we can help Nikos win this unequal fight.Agnes Kar

Agnes Kar

Agnes KarAgnes Kar

Agnes Kar


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Ewelina Zawadzka - sadzonki pomidorów

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Asia Chrapek

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Ola Rączka

Książka ,,Nerwica a rozwój człowieka"
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Anonimowy Pomagacz

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Anonimowa Pomagaczka

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