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"I'm dying of cancer and I'm very scared!" – we have little time to save Gabi!

Gabrysia Hovhannisyan
Fundraiser goal:

Oncology therapy in Germany

The fundraiser includes alternative therapy
Fundraiser started by: Lepsze Jutro Dziś
Gabrysia Hovhannisyan
Bydgoszcz, kujawsko-pomorskie
Nowotwór złośliwy kości z przerzutami do płuc – mięsak kościopochodny (osteosarcoma)
Starts on: 07 December 2017
Ends on: 18 June 2018

Fundraiser result

Takie informacje najtrudniej jest przekazywać. W piątek, 22 lutego, Gabrysia odeszła. Jej walka z rakiem trwała ponad rok, zjednoczyła tysiące ludzi o wielkich sercach...

Niestety – rak to bezlitosny przeciwnik. Na początku lutego rodzice Gabrysi dowiedzieli się o wznowie nowotworu. Do samego końca mieliśmy nadzieję, że i tym razem uda się go pokonać.

Gabrysiu, wierzymy, że jesteś w miejscu, w którym nie ma już bólu i cierpienia. Do zobaczenia, nasza Bohaterko! Zostaniesz na zawsze w naszych sercach.

Gabriela Hovhannisyan



Gabrysia jest po trzecim zabiegu chemii regionalnej w Medicas Klinikum w Burghausen! 12 marca zrobiono tomograf komputerowy. Wyniki są dobre! Masa guza praktycznie uległa zwapnieniu, co za oznacza, że niemal wszystkie komórki nowotworowe zostały zniszczone. Tak samo z tkankami miękkimi. Guzy w płucach zniknęły, zostały tylko nacieki. Leczenie działa! Po następnej chemii regionalnej profesor Aigner ma zamiar konsultować się ze specjalistami co do wstawienia protezy do ręki na odcinku kości, która została zniszczona przez nowotwór.

Gabrysia jest coraz bliżej powortu do zdrowia – wszystko dzięki Wam, ludziom, którzy mają wielkie serca! Razem wielką mamy MOC! 

Gabriela Hovhannisyan

Fundraiser description

Time is our killer! Gabrysia is dying and she must start treatment as soon as possible! For the first cycle of chemistry, we have to pay until Monday, January 29! Malignant bone cancer with lung metastases - this is the sentence that was issued to my child six months ago. Several long months of pain, piercing fear, and recurring hope are already behind us. Time is running out, and my child's life slowly goes out. Gabrysia knows that she is dying, and when she asks me if doctors can cure her, I do not know what to say, because I do not know if I will be able to raise money for her treatment. I am begging you, help me save Gabrysia!

Gabriela Hovhannisyan

The worst for the mother are the questions of her own child about death; questions that are so difficult to find an answer I can not imagine that I could say goodbye to Gabrysia. She is only 13 years old. She is still a child, although the disease has already made her grow faster, because oncological children are like small adults - those who have to face death too soon.

In Poland, we were offered one solution - hand amputation and general, very drastic chemistry, which gives 50% chance of survival. As a mother, I can not risk my child's life. We found the salvation in Germany. There nobody is speaking about amputation, and the chances that Gabrysia will win with cancer are definitely bigger. Chemistry will be directed directly to the tumor by the artery ...

October will probably always be associated with a nightmare that we lived together. A moment earlier Gabrysia left for the summer camp. One day I got a phone call that she fell and damaged her arm. There was no fracture, but the pain persisted. The hand swelled heavily, it was hard to move. I had no idea what was going on, but it never crossed my mind that it could be cancer, that this is how the race for life begins ...

I went with Gabrysia for an X-ray examination. What I thought back then? That they would put her hand in a plaster and that it would end there. The moment I saw the doctor's face, I knew he would tell me something much worse.

Gabrosis was diagnosed with malignant bones cancer (osteosarcoma) with lung metastases - the most common malignant cancer in children, developing from cells forming a growing bone. The oncologist confirmed the IV grade of malice.

Gabriela Hovhannisyan

At the hospital in Warsaw, I heard that the only solution is amputation and subsequent aggressive chemotherapy, which gives Gabrysians only 50% chance of survival. I started looking for another solution. Fortunately in all this misfortune it was that on our way we met a doctor - Dr Majdyło from the Center of St. Łukasz in Gdansk - which decided to consult a German doctor specializing in the treatment of this type of cancer. There was a light in the tunnel! In Germany, the prognosis is much better than in Poland ...

Dr. Arno Thaller told us to come to his clinic right away. He suggested regional (targeted) chemotherapy - directed straight to the tumor by the artery, not to the whole body. The goal of regional chemotherapy is to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery so that the subsequent intervention could be as small as possible. In the best case, the tumor may disappear completely. In addition, a strengthening treatment is planned, involving the implantation of a virus that will destroy the tumor and drip that breaks down cancer cells.

We are after two months of treatment, after which Gabrysia's condition has improved significantly. The worst part is that I have already spent all my savings and the therapy is planned for half a year. When I saw the cost estimation, it suddenly got dark for me. I know that if we stop the treatment now, everything will go to waste.

Gabriela Hovhannisyan

Ever since Gabrysia fell ill, I find out daily how much helplessness hurts because of my child's suffering. Today, this powerlessness is even greater, because I know that there is a rescue for Gabrysia, but I can not pay for it myself!

By January 29, I have to pay for the start of treatment. Cancer will not give us more time, at any moment can attack even harder and take my child's life. There are several more cycles ahead of us, but this first Gabrysia must start now! For us, every day is on the importance of life. I beg you for help, because only with you I am able to save my child!

-Marta, Gabrysia's mother


March 28, 2018, 09:46


Gabrysia is after the third regional chemistry treatment at the Medicas Klinikum in Burghausen! On March 12, a CT was made. The results are good! The tumor mass is calcified, which means that almost all cancer cells have been destroyed. The same with soft tissues. The tumors in the lungs have disappeared, there are only infiltrations. The treatment is working! After the next regional chemistry, Professor Aigner is going to consult with specialists about inserting a prosthesis into his hand on a bone section that has been destroyed by cancer. At this point, we can not stop the treatment, we have to bring it to the end, so that the tumor never returns, and the oncology unit will always remain a memory. Please do not leave us in this fight!

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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